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Welcome to Lord of the Rings Online Adventures

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Here you can find all my adventures in the online role playing game “Lord of Rings Online“.
I have both read the four books and seen the three movies and now I thought it was about time I’d emerge myself into another part of Tolkiens world: The game.

I’ve played various games in the last five or more years, both casual games on stand alone PC’s as MMORPG’s. The games I’ve played so far all had original content, as in not based on a book or movie. It’s the first time for me to play a MMORPG with IP, as it’s called. Or Intellectual Property. In other words: Someone else already made up the story and the game developer made a game around it.

Since I’m on a rather tight budget at the moment, I’ve decided to take on the challenge to actually play LotRO totally free. Granted, it’s not a challenge set by anyone, I dare say I’ve set myself the challenge, but it’s a challenge nonetheless.
How can I play LotRO for free? It’s rather simple, as I discovered. In the game you can earn Turbine Points (TP’s). With these points you can by various things in the store, like expansion packs, character slots and much more. I am aware that this might be a very time consuming challenge, but where’s the fun with instant gratification? So far, I haven’t really found that! So, challenge, here I come!

What’s it all about?
Like I said above, I’m going to keep track of my adventures in the game. I’d like to keep a small record of TP’s that you can earn in-game and how you can earn them. Besides that I’ll keep a diary for one character here. I think that will be fun too 🙂

Well, seen the fact that I still don’t have a fulltime job, I see the possiblity of updating at least once a week here. Perhaps I’ll even update more, but that’s something to be determined in the future. Let’s see if I can keep an update ratio of posting an update every friday and go from there.

Characters & Servers
From the research that I’ve done so far, I’ve seen that’s it’s possible to make characters on multiple servers and get TP’s for the same quests. The TP’s are not character-bound, but instead account-bound. And…. When you buy things like expansion packs, character slots and such, it’s also account bound. Ain’t that great?!
That’s why I’ve decided to make at least one character on each server. That way I can maximize the amount of TP’s I can get.
I haven’t figured out yet, if two characters on the same server can get TP’s for the same quets. I know that with the first TP rewarded quest, this isn’t the case, but I don’t have confirmation about any of the other quests. That’s something I’ll need to figure out.

Goals for this month

Well, to make it a real challenge, I’ve set myself some goals for this month (June 2011):

  • Enough points to remove the gold cap: at a free account you can only have 2 gold max in your wallet.
  • Enough points to buy 5 extra character slots: with a free account you can have 2 characters. Since there are 7 vocations (mind you, these are not classes), I’d like to have 7 characters so that I can have one character for each vocation.
  • Enough points to buy 1 Quest Pack.

Well, that’s it for now. Have fun!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

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