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Sheherezi in Lord of the Rings Online

Choose your race and class

Choose your race and class

Hey all,

I’ve decided to make another “main” character in Lord of the Rings Online. I have a soft spots for Hobbits and I am a woman, so I decided to make another Hobbit woman. I’ve chosen a different class, though. Guardian it is for this second courageous hobbit woman.
For those of you who haven’t played Lord of the Rings before, let me give you a short introduction before I’ll give the podium to Sheherezi.

Download, Install and Choose Server

First things first. If you have not made a Turbine/Lord of the Rings Online account yet, do that first. Now that you’ve registered a free account, download the game and install it. Make sure that your anti-virus and firewall software knows that the following files are safe to run:

  • Pando Media Booster (needed for dowloading)
  • Turbine Invoker
  • Turbine Launcher
  • Lord of the Rings Client (lotroclient.exe)

If you haven’t stated them as safe programs, LotRO might not run.
When running your game for the first time, it needs to update. This might take a while. Don’t interrupt the update, or the game won’t work!

Once you’ve done the update, you can choose a server. There are several European servers:

  • Anduin (German)
  • Belegaer (German)
  • Gwaihir (German)
  • Maiar (German)
  • Morthond (German)
  • Vanyar (German)
  • Estel (French)
  • Sirannon (French)
  • Landroval (I think this has primarly UK players, please correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Laurelin (I think this has primarly UK players, please correct me if I’m wrong)

All the rest are US servers. The European servers are now actually migratet to servers int he US, but the majority of the player base will be European. If you’re from Europe and you’d like to play mainly with European players, I guess one of the above servers would serve you best 🙂 Personally I just picked one. I’ve noticed that there are enough players online on the other servers as well, when I’m playing (currently my daytime and weekends).
If you’ve got friends on specific servers, it’s always fun to play with them, so choose their server. Sounds logic, right?

Choose a race and class
Now that you’ve installed the game, registered a free accound and picked a server, you’re ready for the next step: pick your race and class. There are four races to choose from. As you can see here, you can choose between Man, Dwarf, Hobbit and Elf. Each race has it’s own perks, which will be shown when you select a race. As you can see in the picture, Hobbits have things like Hobbit-toughness (positive), small size (negative), and rapid recovery (positive) amongst other things.

Like I said above, I’ve got a soft spot for hobbits, so you’ll find me playing hobbits more often 🙂 Just pick a race you like, or perhaps one that you find challenging to play. Every race has got its positive and negative points.

Next is to pick a class. There are 7 free classes to choose from and 2 premium classes (Runekeeper and Warden). Keep in mind that not each race can play each class. The hobbits, for example, can’t play the Captain, the Champion and loremaster role. If you’d like either one of those, you need to pick a different race.

Premium classes
Depending on what kind of account you’ve registered, you may have access to the two premium classes; Runekeeper and Warden. If you’ve bought the Mines of Moria box/pack, you have access to the two premium classes, otherwise you don’t. And no, you will not get access to these classes with a VIP account.


Customize your character

Customize your character

After choosing your race and class, you are ready to customize your character. As you can in the picture on the left, you’ve got loads of customization options. For the hobbits you can choose from which people they are (Fallohide, Harfoot and Stoor). I choose Harfoot due tot he fact that my character has a slightly tanned skin, like I’d love to be, but I never tan. My skin only burns 🙂 It’s all about playing a game, right? Being who you’d like to be? Well, I’d like to have a nice tan, so hence my choice for the Harfoots.
Other things you can customize are things like body type, eyes, head size and much more. And of course now you also pick a name. Personally I have read the naming guidelines, but haven’t really done anything with it. I had already picked a name so I used that one instead.

Final step
Now that your character is ready, click on create and your character is “alive”. Your screen will look like this:

Character selection screen

Character selection screen

Now you’re ready to play! Have fun!


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