Venturing out in the world



Hey Ilse, I thought I’d send you my first letter today. A lot has happened already and I’ve hardly left the Shire, can you imagine that? It’s incredible and I think you will feel the same way once you’ve read this letter! First let me tell you about the night I left.

Leaving Greenhill Country

As you know I have lived my whole life in the Shire, in Greenhill Country. A lovely place where I had a nice roomy dwelling with a wonderful garden.  It was a quiet life, though. There was not much to do besides tending my garden, have fun with my friends and a party every now and then.You know there was nothing I really wanted more. But that all changed with the Burglar I met a few weeks ago. I told you about the book. Well, this couldn’t prepare me for everything I was about to see!

You told me to take everything with me what I could. Well, I indeed did. I took my pots and pans, after all I need my meals six times a day! And of course I took my mothers journal and the book the Burglar gave me. Of course I took my weapons with me, how else would I get my meat, that I love, for my meals….. And I packed my herbs, and everything else I could take with me in bag pack.

I know we talked about leaving during the day so that I could say goodbye to everyone, but I was afraid you’d all try to stop me. I love you guys, but I do know you’re not really interested in traveling (yet?). So, I decided it would be best to leave in the evening. You know where everything is that I’d like to keep. My house is not my house anymore. Just tell anyone who’s looking for a house, that they’re willing to get my house as their own. I don’t want it to stay empty for a long time. That’s not good.

And so I left.

Bounder Boffin

Bounder Boffin

Bounder Boffin

But of course I hadn’t taken into consideration that Bounder Boffin would be up so late. I met him on my way out of Greenhill Country. Lucky for me he could imagine that I’d like to go on an adventure, so he helped me out. He trained me a bit and got me my first good bow and dagger. You know that I already had a bow and dagger, right? But I never had to use my weapons on beasts bigger then a rabbit, so I never needed more advanced equipment. I had the feeling I might need weapons that were better, far better than my own, so I was glad when Bounder Boffin told me I could keep them!
Afterwards, something really strange happened. We met three blokes on the road: a Samwise Gamgee, a Peregrin Took and one who called himself Underhill. All three of them were Hobbits, but I don’t think I’ve seen them before. I’m not sure if Underhill was his real name. He seemed a bit hesitant about saying it. Weird, right? After all, if it’s your own name, you wouldn’t hesitate to say it, would you?
Shortly after we met them, a dark rider crossed our path. He was an evil being. How do I know that? Simple, he blinded me with something magical! I couldn’t see a thing. I only heard his hissing voice, asking for someone called Baggins. Once he was sure that we didn’t know any Baggins, he was on his way and Bounder Boffin guided me to Old Odo’s Leaf Farm, but not before he told me that he thought I might make a great Bounder someday. I’m not too sure about that, though. True, he is a Hobbit and a Bounder, but I’m not sure if I’m fit to be bounder. Although Bounder Boffin thinks I’m bound to be a great Guardian and in a way a Guardian is some kind of a bounder too, right? What do you think? Perhaps you can tell me that in your letter back to me, cause I’d surely love to read your letters and to see what’s going on in Greenhill Country while I’m away!

Blackwolds & The Dark Rider
Upon entering Old Odo’s farm, we were upheld by some giant spider webs. Boffin cut them away, while I defeated the spiders that were threatening him. Luckily that didn’t take long. Killing the spiders was rather easy and I thought I might have a shot at killing stronger beasts. Little did I know that soon I would get more than I might bargained for!

Just when Bounder Boffin opened the last door of the farm, Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins came running in, claiming they were being chased by Brigands who wanted to hand them over to something evil. And those Brigands indeed came after them! Although Bounder Boffin tried to convince them we were not the ones they were looking for, they attacked us nonetheless and locked us up in a jail.

I think we were very lucky that a ranger called Strider came out to help us, but it seemed to be for the worse for a moment. He got us out of jail alright, but then we were met by some blackwolds and the Dark Rider again! A companion of Strider, Amdir, managed to fight them off and finally we were safe.
Strider and his companion were so friendly to bring us to the safety of a small town called Archet in Breeland. It’s a nice town, although I didn’t see much of it on our way there during the night. Strider found us a place to sleep and I was glad when I could finally tuck in and go to sleep. This was a real adventurous night. Far more than I had expected and I don’t think that there are many Hobbits who would have done the same. For now it’s time to sleep and I’ll see what tomorrow brings. Right now it seems all a bit too much for a Hobbit who’s never left the Shire in her life before!

Good Night!
I wish you all a good nights sleep. May you dream about wonderful adventurous and let’s hope this Black Rider and his men are only a bump in the road and nothing more!

I hope this letter finds you in good condition. Don’t forget to send me a letter back to let me know how you (and everyone else) are doing!

A note from the author:
You may have noticed that I suggested that Sheherezi left with a backpack filled with all kinds of things. In reality you don’t get anything in your backpack. I have merely suggested this as part of the Role playing and the journal. When Sheherezi will receive items in-game, I’ll explicitly say so. The person “Ilse” Sheherezi refers to, is me.
Arriving in Archet is only part of the tutorial. You’ll have to finish several quests in and around Archet before you can move on to the starting area of your race.
As for the things Sheherezi got from Bounder Boffin: Just equip them once you’ve gotten them. They’re better than the equipment with which you start out the tutorial. Along the way you’ll get better equipment from quests and if you’re lucky, you can either make better equipment yourself, or a player can make something for you.
Since Sheherezi’s story is written as a journal I have decided to include the quest information, but not as walk-through. If you’re looking for a specific walk-through, please look at other sites.
Quests covered here: “Instance: a road through the Dark”

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