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Sheherezi gets to know Archet

Hey Ilse,

I hope my previous letter has found you in good condition. Although it’s been only one day since then, I’ve decided to write you again because a lot has happened!

Thank goodness I’ve had a good night’s sleep! I can tell Archet has had more Hobbits on a visit cause the bed was very good! This way I could start my day fresh.

My day is coming to an end already as I write you this letter, but I didn’t want to go to sleep before I told you everything about my adventures of today.

Amdir & Strider

Celandine Brandybuck

Celandine Brandybuck

After a good night rest I was ready to start another day. Once I had had a sturdy breakfast (I had a feeling I might need it today), I decided to go into town and see what Archet was all about. It seemed to be a nice quiet town. Not too big, a nice crowd, it’s good. One of the first people I saw today was Celandine Brandybuck. Maybe you remember that I met her yesterday evening on Old Odo’s Leaf farm? Today I found her on the town square. She looked rather worried, so I asked her what was wrong. It turned out that she was worried about Amdir, Strider’s companion. I decided to go and see him to reassure her that he was alright. But when I saw him, I was just as worried as she was. Amdir looked very pale in a lot of pain, although he wouldn’t admit it to me. He insisted that it was only a chill and that I should see if I could help out Strider. Amdir was convinced that Strider could use a lot more help.

Strider’s Dilemma
It’s not easy, being set on a task and then being confronted with a town that needs help. It must be hard for Strider to choose. Especially seen the fact that his companion is wounded. Do you remember that I told you that this Black Rider that I met yesterday evening, was looking for someone named Baggins? Well, the coincidence is that Strider is looking for the very same person. I wonder what’s so special about this guy. And are they after him for a good reason, or is something bad going to happen to this Baggins guy? Well, I assume it’s a guy. Anyway, enough of the guessing, let’s press on with the story.
Strider thinks Archet is under a threat. He knows the captain of Archet doesn’t like Riders like himself, so he asked me to pay Captain Brackenbrook a visit and tell him about the Blackwolds.

Archet’s villagers
I visited the captain , but it did no good. He won’t believe me! He told me to ask the villagers to see if any one of them would believe me. I had already seen Constable Thistlewood, so I decided that I’d ask him first. Surely he would believe me, right? Alas, no such a thing. The men and women at the market and the town square wouldn’t believe me either. I was just throwing around rumors and I shouldn’t be doing that. Or so they told me. But I had seen the evil with my own eyes! Why wouldn’t they believe it?

Guardian Training
When I returned to Strider with the news that no one would believe me, not even the constable and the captain, he knew the town was in more danger. I told him I wanted to help with protecting the town as best as I could. It’s something I’d always wanted to do. Have an heroic role! And now, so early on in my travels, I would get that chance! Can you believe that?

Teal Saddler

Teal Saddler

Seeing my determination, Strider thought it was a good idea if I’d first seek more training. After all, I could defeat some spiders, but I was no match for the dark rider nor the blackwold brigands last night. I agreed with him and I went to the training camp in the southern part of Archet.

There I met Teal Saddler, a wonderful teacher. She taught me a few new skills and let me practice at the Training Dummy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “A training dummy, now why would you use that?”. Well, you gotta know how to use your skills, don’t you. And when you’ve just learned something new, it’s always wise to practice it before executing the skills.
Teal told me to come back regular to her or other Guardian trainers I might meet in the future, to learn more skills. As I continue to train and fight, I will get more experience and with that I’ll become ready to learn new skills. Or so she told me. I’ll be sure to seek out the trainers in the future. I want to become the best Guardian I can be!

After a few tests, Teal thought I was ready and she send me back to Strider. Strider could see that I had been practicing and that I was now more confident. You see, I might have seem a bit uncertain. After all, it’s not nothing, a Hobbit going on an adventure. And to tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about it nor had I practiced anything. Perhaps it’s good as well. Had I considered anything of practicing, fighting, meeting things like the Dark Rider, I might not have gone after all. So, it’s probably for the best that I learned it all this way.

Calder Cob
Now that I knew a bit more about fighting Strider thought it was good to show Captain Brackenbrook that I’m serious about helping him and Archet. And Strider needed some herbs, the Kingsfoil Plant, to help Amdir. So, I set out to find the captain again.
When the captain heard that I was willing to help him, he told me to go to Calder Cob outside of Archet to help him with a problem. Calder Cob would also tell me where exactly I could find the Kingsfoil. “There’s plenty of it, so take all you need.” he told me.

Growling Dusk Wolf

Growling Dusk Wolf

I set out to find Calder Cob. On my way to him I met my first beast. Better yet, it plainly attacked me! It was a Growling Dusk Wolf. Now, I had always thought that these beast would only attack you in wild areas, but this was not a wild area! Or at least I thought it was not! Perhaps the beasts have been enchanted somehow? How else can I explain the fact that they just attack? I can’t. I have no reason for it.

After I had defeated the wolf, I took it’s skin. His meat didn’t seem good, so I left it there to rot. I really don’t trust it. Don’t ask me why. I have no solid for reason for it, besides my gut feeling. To some point I can always count on my gut feeling. After all, I am a cook. Albeit a mediocre one at the moment. I don’t know any fancy recipes yet as you know, but I can cook to keep myself alive. That should be enough, right? But who knows, maybe I’ll find new recipes on my travelings. Wouldn’t that be great? Oh, I really hope I do. I’ll share them with you in our letters and perhaps I’ll cook something someday for you.

Anyway, enough about the cooking. I’ll worry about that later. Right now I can find enough food in Archet itself, so I don’t have to cook for myself. Let’s see, what else can I tell you about this day? Oh, yes, I was about to meet Calder Cob.

The Wolf Problem
Calder Cob accused of bringing out rumors too. That’s getting kinda old news, isn’t it? Anyway, just like Constable Thistlewood and Captain Brackenbrook he says that he’s convinced that the brigands are harmless. Archet does have a problem, though, but that’s with wolves. Well, to be honest, this gut feeling of mine told me otherwise, but there’s no way I could make him see it different.

He sent me to the ruins of Bronwe’s Folly, to investigate the source of the wolf problem. He was nice enough to tell me that I could find Kingsfoil plants there, so it wouldn’t be in vain anyway.
On my way there I encountered several wolfs. I managed to kill them all and skin them of their furs and skins. I tell you, there’s evil doing evil things. All the wolfs I killed had weird looking meat. That’s not something I’d use in cooking. The furs and skins looked good, though, and I assumed people in Archet would be the same as in the Shire. They’d need furs and such to make clothes and more. So I decided there and then that I’d do here what I’m used to doing at home. I’d take at least 30 hides with me back to the town to sell them. I might as well make a bit of money out of it, right?

While searching for clues about the Wolf problem I indeed found Kingsfoil plants. I collected the amount Strider needed and looked further into the clues. On top of Bronwe’s Folly I finally found a banner and just when I had found it, the Blackwold Wolf-Master appeared. It was an ambush! Calder Cob has set me up to be ambushed! Incredible. And Captain Brackenbrook trusts him! I couldn’t believe it.

Confronting Calder Cob
I confronted Calder Cob about the ambush. He was surprised I managed to survive the ordeal! He didn’t make excuses or anything. I decided I’d deal with him later, when I’ve got more experience in fighting. At that moment I wasn’t strong enough yet. I had to practice a lot more and so I did. I only returned to the town when I had 30 furs and 30 skins. I sold them for a nice amount of silver for which I bought new equipment after I had given Strider the Kingsfoil plants. It has come clear to me that I need to become stronger to be able to defeat the evil that’s going to come on my way. Because the evil will come. I have no doubt about that. The tell tales for that are everywhere.

The end of the day
I called it a day once I had my new equipment. It’s been an eventful day already, and it’s only my second day into my adventure. I wonder what the rest will bring me. Will we be able to save Archet from the Brigands? Will Archet be safe after that? Will I still find the Shire a safe place to be when I return from my journeys? I can’t see into the future nor can I see anything at great distances like elves and wizards can, but I’ve got this feeling. My gut feeling tells me the Shire is in trouble, perhaps even more then anyone knows. I just hope I will ever see it again.

In the meantime I’ll send you this letter so that you’re updated on all of my adventures. I’ll write to you as soon as possible again. Don’t forget to write me back and let me know what the others think!

Yours Truly, Sheherezi

Author’s note:
Quest Guide Icon

Quest Guide Icon

I still haven’t finished the tutorial with Sheherezi. I decided to take things slow so that I could write her story properly.
In the picture of Celandine Brandybuck you see blue rings intertwined above her head. This means that I’ve got a quest from her that’s in progress.
In the picture of Teal Saddler you see both a golden ring above her head and a sign of the Guardian. The golden ring means she has a quest for me that I haven’t accepted yet. The Guardian sign means that she’s the class trainer.
I have decided not to include the actual quest texts. I just find it easier to write it the way I’ve done so far. I’ll be sure to always include the names of the quest givers in my stories and the main things to do or find. That way you’ll always be able to see where I am.
In the picture to the left, you see a big yellow arrow pointing to a very tiny blue arrow coming out of a ring. This is your quest guide on the map. The arrow points to the direction of the next step of the quest that is activated in your quest tracker (also with a blue arrow coming out of a ring).
Quests that have been covered here:
  • Strider’s Charge (Amdir & Strider)
  • Captain Brackenbrook (Strider’s Dilemma & Archet’s Villagers)
  • Honing your skills (Meet Guardian trainer: the trainer for your chosen class)
  • A strong Shield (Guardian Training)
  • Remedy of Old Kings (find Kingsfoil plant via talking to Captain Brackenbrook)
  • The Wolves of the Ruins (talk with Calder Cob & Defeat Wolf-master)

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