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Enmity of the Spiders – 5 TP’s

Hey all,

I got lucky today again! While, again, participating in the Summer Events, I unlocked the deed “Enmity of the Spiders”. This is a Race & Social deed again. I’m not sure when it is activated. I had already been killing spiders before, so it’s not necessarily being activated by killing a spider for the first time. It’s something I’ll have to pay attention to with the next character with whom I’m gonna do this quest. I do know that you’ll have to be a hobbit to get this quest.

Once you’ve killed 50 spiders, you’ll be rewarded with 5 Turbine Points and the trait Hobbit-Stature. Hobbit-Stature Trait This trait, once activated at the Bard, will give you 20 extra Might.

Servers & Characters
Killing 50 spiders seems like a doable thing, so I’m gonna fulfill this deed with all my Hobbit-characters on each server.

Addition September 4th, 2012
This deed is automatically activated when you reach level 13.


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