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Enmity of the Wolves – 5 TP

Hey all,

I’ve just discovered another deed with 5 free Turbine Points: Enmity of the Wolves. This deed is logged as a Race & Social deed. You’ll have to kill 50 wolves to complete the deed. I’m not sure how the deed is triggered. I had killed wolves before, but the deed hadn’t shown up yet, or perhaps I missed it. I’ll check to see how it’s triggered with the next character.

In reward you’ll receive 5 TP and Stoop for a Stone, which is a race skill that allows you to throw stones at short range Stoop for a Stone That sounds interesting. It will be fun to see the effect 🙂

Servers & Characters
This is a quest that you should be able to do with each Hobbit-character on each server. Each race has several quests for only that specific race, each with its own rewards. It shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill this quest. So that’s another quest in the series of “fulfilling with each character on each server”.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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