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Goblin Slayer – 5 TP

Hey all,

There’s a maintenance for a hotfix today at LotrO, so I thought I’d share some new quest deeds for Turbine Points with you that I found in my deed log. The first one is local one. It’s related to the Shire.

The Goblin Slayer may seem like an easy one, but you’ll have to make sure that your character can actually kill the goblins! It’s no easy task! Luckily you can use any race or class, so pick your favorite and go ahead on the slay festival.

Defeat goblins in the Shire.

You have to defeat 30 Goblins to fulfill this deed.

Once you’ve finished 30 Goblins, you are gifted the title Protector of the Shire and you’ll receive 5 TP.

Servers & Characters
This is a quest that you can do with all races and classes on all severs. Since it’s killing a relatively good amount of Goblins, I’m definitely going to do this with all the characters on all servers.

Have fun!


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One comment on “Goblin Slayer – 5 TP

  1. […] As promised, here’s another deed quest for free Turbine Points for today. This deed is called Goblin Slayer advanced. It is again directly related to the Shire. This one is slightly harder than the previous one. […]

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