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Goblin Slayer Advanced – 10 TP

Hey all,

As promised, here’s another deed quest for free Turbine Points for today. This deed is called Goblin Slayer advanced. It is again directly related to the Shire. This one is slightly harder than the previous one.

Defeat many Goblins in the Shire.

To fulfill this quest, you need to kill 60 Goblins. Make sure you’ve got enough Power and Morale potions and food with you if your character is still young. That way you’ll have a better chance at killing them without being killed yourself!

With fulfilling this quest you’ll not only be rewarded with 10 TP, but also with the virtue Valour The bard can activate this Virtue for you.
No one can ever question your valour. Your Morale is increased (+47), you are able to recover your morale more quickly outside of combat (+51.75 non-combat Morale Regen) and your Might is increased (+1).

Servers & Characters
This deed can be done with all races and classes on all servers. Although it’s slightly harder to fulfill, I think I’ll be completing this quest with all my characters at all the servers.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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