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Known to the Mathom Society – 5TP

Hey all,

reputation seal completeI’ve ventured out in the world again and I’ve found another Deed for free Turbine Points again. The Mathom Society is established in Michel Delving. If you do quests around the Shire, you have the chance that you’ll get a Mathom as a reward for a good deed you did for one of the Hobbits. The Mathom Society collects all these Mathoms. For each Mathom you hand in, your standing will rise a bit.

Once you’ve reached the Acquaintance Standing with the Mathom Society, you’ll get the Title “Known to the Mathom House” and 5 TP’s.

Servers & Characters
This is a Deed which you can fulfill with any character at every server. It may take quite a while though, so think about this one before you decide to do it.
By now I have decided to do all Shire deeds with each TP-farming character I make, so I’ll be sure to do this.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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One comment on “Known to the Mathom Society – 5TP

  1. […] This time you’ll be rewarded for reaching the standing of Friend to the Mathom Society. Like before, you’ll have to give the Mathoms you receive as quest rewards to the Mathom House in Michel […]

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