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Life of a Bounder Final – 15 TP’s

Hey all,

reputation seal completeWhile roaming the lands of Lord of the Rings Online, I’ve discovered a new deed for free Turbine Points: Life of a Bounder Final. This deed is a continuation of Life of a Bounder Advanced. Now you’ll have to fulfill 75 quests. And like with the previous deed, the quest you did before are included. So, another 35 quests to fulfill in The Shire and you’ll have fulfilled this deed.

Once you’ve done 75 quests, you’ll get 15 free TP’s and the trait/virtue Innocence (+2).

Servers & Characters
Since I’m doing all quests in The Shire, this deed will eventually be fulfilled with all characters on all servers. Once again, you are very welcome to make your own choice 🙂


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One comment on “Life of a Bounder Final – 15 TP’s

  1. […] be told, when you complete 100 quests in the Shire, you’ll have fulfilled a deed with which you’ll get 15 TP’s as well, so… Maybe it’s all for the best In […]

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