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Purchased Riding Skill – 95 TP

Hey all,

Well, after much deliberation I did it… I spend Turbine Points before buying Quest packs or expansions. I always thought I’d save up all the TP’s for buying quest packs and expansions since they give loads of extra’s, but this was one option I had tried to resist for a week now. And eventually I bowed to my desires and bought the Riding Skill.

I had hoped to be able to buy the steed that’s a Story only mount up until July 14th. To be able to actually ride a mount, you need to have the riding skill. VIP members will get the Riding skill from a quest at level 20 but free players and premium players cannot use this skill. Granted, they will get the quest at level 20, but it’s useless… Too bad.
So, I had used the stables a few times (yeah, you can ride a mount from the stables without having the riding skill, go figure 😉 ) and I was rather liking it. It gets you fast to where you wanna go, as long as the destination is the specific town. And…. you need to have discovered the destination, otherwise you can’t use it.
Albeit that The Shire isn’t that big, I still decided to buy the Riding skill, especially since one kinship member told me that the bought riding skill for 195 TP some time ago, while another told me he paid 95 TP yesterday. I didn’t wanna take a chance and decided to buy it now, just in case it was priced down.

Did I buy the Steed? Nope, I was about 1300 TP’s short on that. Maybe I’ll have more luck next time. Luckily for me buying steeds in the store is not the only option to get a mount. I’ve seen that you can get mounts as quest rewards and you can buy them in Bree somewhere. If I’m correct I could buy my first one for 500 silver. Well, that’s something that’s doable 🙂

Characters & Servers
The only downside is, it’s a character skill, so you’ll have to buy it for every character you want to be able to ride mounts with. For now Shriya is my main character in combination with Sheherezi. That means these two will receive the skill. Other characters will not, since they’re gonna be TP-farming characters.

How to buy the Riding skill
It turned out to be quite easy. You simply open up the LotrO store in-game. Select travel and then Mounts. Since you don’t have the riding skill yet, you’ll automatically only get one option: the Riding Skill. If you’ve got enough TP’s, buy it. Now, you won’t immediately see the mounts afterwards. You’ll first have to close the store and open it again. Only then does the system recognize that you actually have the Riding skill and will it let you buy mounts.

Future Spends
I’ve already been thinking about future spending options for my TP’s. I’ve made the decision NOT to buy vault slots with TP’s. You can buy the same slots with silver and gold and that’s what I’m going to do. If I can buy something with silver and gold I’m NOT going to buy it with TP’s. Other things I am looking forward to are:

  • Gold Cap removal: that way I’ll be able to buy a house.
  • Inventory bag slots: 3 is really not enough!
  • Quest packs: get more experience, get more deeds. You can enter all the ares without the quest packs, but you can’t do the quests or deeds. Now that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?
  • Expansion packs: Same as above, plus I’ll get extra character slots and extra classes become available.
  • Extra character slots: In the end I hope to have one of each race and one of each vocation on my main account. Until then I’m gonna use extra accounts so that I’ll be able to use other vocations and thus supply my main characters with everything I need 🙂
  • Auction house posts: As a free player you don’t get to post, only to buy at the auction houses. I’ve already understood that you can make some serious silver and gold in the Auction house. Now that would come in easy, now wouldn’t it?
  • Shared wardrobe space: How else am I gonna make it possible for all my characters to share the outfits?
  • Shared storage space: that will be a lot easier too.

I’ve already been thinking on how to do all that. If the information I’ve got, is correct, I could get about 150 TP with each character in The Shire. I’ll “simply” do all the deeds in the Shire with all my TP-farming characters. I’ll make two farming characters on each server. That’s 58 characters. These 58 characters then should be able to give me about 8700 TP. It’s a hell of a lot of grinding, but I’m willing to do that (at least right now I’m still willing to do that 🙂 ). With this amount of TP’s I should be able to buy loads of things. So I think I will level Shriya to level 20 first and then start working on her crafting and in the mean time work with Sheherezi for normal leveling. Besides these two I want to farm with at least 2 characters a day (for as long as I don’t have a full-time job anyway).

Well, I think that’s about it for now. Let me know how you spent your (free) TP’s!


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