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Cartographile – Eriador – 10 TP

Hey all,

When I went to exchange Summer Festival Tokens for some items, I exchanged several of them for four maps. Two of them were from Eriador, while two others are from another region.

Receiving these maps opened up another deed: The Carographile Deed. You need to collect 21 maps to complete this deed.

This deed gives you a nice reward once it’s fulfilled: title “Eriador Catographile”, the Map of Eriador as, I think,  a wall hanging and… 10  free Turbine Points.

Servers & Characters
This deed can be fulfilled with every character on every server. Be aware though that it takes a lot of time! So, if you’re explicitly farming for free TP’s and just starting out in Lotro, don’t do this quest. You’re too dependable on having all the maps at one character or temporarily trading with kinmates to get the set (temporarily) complete.

I’ve decided I won’t do this quest with every character. At least not until I have the whole set complete on one character. And then I can only do this quest with characters on the same server.

Which ever way you choose to follow, have fun with your free TP’s!


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