Final: A little extra never hurts on all servers!

Hey all,

I have finally done it. I’ve made characters on all 29 servers and each of them has been able to do the quest “A little extra never hurts”. Granted, it takes some time, but all you need to do is make your character, go through the first instance and then head out to do the first quest. How easy is that?

Mind you, I’ve done this quest with Hobbits only, so I don’t know how it works with Dwarves, Elfs and Man.

Keep in mind that as a free player you don’t get to skip the tutorial, so it will take you about 15 minutes before you’ve finished everything and have the 10 free TP.

Have fun with your free Turbine Points!


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2 comments on “Final: A little extra never hurts on all servers!

  1. I don’t know if this changed since when you are doing it, but you can multiply the savings and reduce the time taken. I’m a free to play player also and after a long time of playing I’ve unlocked a couple extra character slots so I now have 5. I did that all on the first server.

    Turbine doesn’t let you do the “a little extra never hurts” once you complete it, but if you obtain the quest on more than one toon you can complete it on them each. So just create a character (when typing in the name on that screen you can select to skip the tutorial) then run over to the hunter cottage and obtain the quest BUT DO NOT COMPLETE IT – just log off that character. Do this on each character slot you have on the server.

    On the last character go ahead and complete it also and then log back in to each of the other characters and complete the quest. You will get 10 tp for each.

    So instead of 290 free turbine points from 29 servers, I can get about 1400 from 28 servers using all 5 character slots. It takes about 20 minutes per server to get 50 tp. Not a bad ratio.

    • Wow! I’ll be sure to try this out with a new server/account. Unfortunately I don’t have any paid accounts , But it will definitely be interesting to see if I can manage to do the same with a new account.

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