Archet & Surroundings

Hey Ilse,

I’ve decided to simply write you a letter a day. I’ve experienced so much in one day that this is so much easier! I hope my previous letter found you in good condition. I haven’t heard back from you yet, so I hope that everything is well. Let me know how you are doing.


Otto the Brigand

After I had woken up this morning, I decided to pay Strider another visit. After all, he said I would be able to help in the defense of Archet and I wanted to know more about that. Strider had thought about the ambush I encountered yesterday and although it was clear that there’s evil at work, Strider would like solid proof to be able to show Captain Brackenbrook that Archet’s in danger. He asked me to go the jail where I could find a brigand in prison. This brigand, Otto, should be able to give me proof that would be enough to convince the captain.

Ned Pruner

So, I went to see this Brigand and he indeed confirms it. He even bragged about being set free once Archet’s in the hand of this evil people! Can you imagine that? I really hope the jail guards will be able to keep this guy in prison. After I had talked to Otto, I noticed the jailor, Ned Pruner, wanted to talk to me. He told me that he believed me and that I should tell the captain this. Lucky for me, right?

Jail Guard

When I walked past one of the guards at the gate he also told me that he’s convinced that the Blackwolds will attack Archet soon. That’s two people who believe and a prisoner who’s given me proof, albeit it’s no solid proof.
I went over to Captain Brackenbrook with this news, but he’s still not really convinced. He wants to learn about the true intentions of the Blackwolds and asked me to pay a visit to Cal Sprigley. His farm is south of Archet, so it should be easy to find, the captain told me.

Tea & Food
In a good effort to really convince the captain this time, I decided to do as he asked and to go see this Sprigley guy. On my way over there, Celandine stopped me and asked me to do her a favor. She’s still worried about Amdir. She knows the recipe for a medicinal tea which she thinks is good for Amdir and she asked me to collect her some Bilberries on my way out of Archet. She thought she had smelled them on our way here yesterday.
A little behind her I saw Mundo seated against the wall of a building. It turned out that he’s rather hungry and he asked me for some Boar-meat for a good meal. If you ask me, I think he’s a bit scared after his day in prison. That’s why I decided to help him out.

Cal Sprigley

Blackwold Brigands
I thought it would be best to first see Cal Sprigley and see if he’s got the proof we need. It turned out he surely has seen the Brigands and he knows that they’re up to no good. He’s been attacked by the brigands already! It’s outrageous! He feels that we’re running out of time and that’s why he advised me to go to Combe to ask for assistance there. Apparently they’ve got more experience in this kind of dealings and they would surely be able to help out Archet. I really hope that will do the trick!

Wil Wheatley

Close to Cal I found Will Wheatley. He’s a farmhand at Cal’s farm and he was worried about his father and other farmhands. After the farm had been attacked by brigands, they gave chase to them. They said they’d be back after the problem had been solved, but up to that point they hadn’t returned to the farm yet. Will asked me if I could have a lookout for them and ask them to return when I see them. I promised I’d do that when I’d run into them.

Walt Wheatley & the other farmhands
I decided to go looking for Wil’s father and the other farmhands first. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where your family is in times of peril. It was not an easy task, but eventually I found Thornton Woodley first. He lay there motionless and I feared the worse. When I examined his seemingly lifeless body, my worst fears came true. He was dead, murdered by Brigands! It’s such a shame. Not long afterwards, I found Bill Hayspear. He was dead too.

Bilberry Bush

I knew I had a grave task cut out for me, so I went on. Nearby I noticed a Bilberry Bush and I decided to make use of it right there and then. I collected some bilberries for Celandine. I’ve heard of this tea before and I thought she needed more bilberries than what I had found so far, so I kept on looking.
I saw some Bristlehide piglets nearby and I know you can get some good Boar-meat from them and that’s exactly what Mundo needed. Luckily that was quite an easy task to fulfill. While killing the needed piglets, I found some more bilberry bushes and I managed to get quite some bilberries for Celandine’s tea. I thought that would be enough for her.
Unfortunately I ran into some Blackwolds myself. They’re really convinced that Archet doesn’t stand a chance against them. Although they fought very hard, I managed to defeat them. I’m eternally grateful for Strider sending me to Teal Saddler. Without the skills she taught me, I could have never defeated these Blackwolds!

Walt Wheatley

Not far from the blackwolds, I found Walt Wheatley. I had hoped I could give Wil some good news, but alas, it turned out that Walt was dead too. Now I have to give Wil the bad news. This was so unfortunate and so unfair! I could hardly believe it. This was happening in our Middle-Earth. I still have no words for it, other than that we’re in a greater danger than anyone of us would have ever expected. Who would have ever thought that man would be killed in our Middle-Earth? I know I’ve never expected this! Then again, what do I know? I’ve never been outside the Shire before, my lovely home. I’m slowly beginning to wonder if it was such a wise idea to leave my home and to go on an adventure.
But at the moment I discovered that Wil’s father’s dead, my thoughts didn’t matter at all. I was sad to see that Wil had lost his father. And I vowed to do him justice. On my way to Wil I ran into a brigand-lieutenant. He was too strong for me. He almost defeated me, but I managed to get away and run to the safety of Cal’s farm.

Honed Axe

When I told Wil the grave news of his father, he was quiet for a moment. I could tell he too was at a loss for words. After a few moments he recollected himself and swore he’d get his revenge. I still wonder if that’s the right thing to do, but again, what do I know. After he had heard about my encounters with the brigands he gave me a honed axe so that I’d be able to better defend myself and fight better. I’ve tried it out immediately on my way to Combe and he was right, it works a lot better! On my way to Combe I found several more piglets, wolves and Brigands to exercise and I have to admit, I feel that I’m getting slightly better with every fight. I think Teal will be happy when I talk to her the next time.

Combe & Archet
Once I reached the outer skirts of Combe, I noticed a group of Brigands near the entrance gate. I feared the worst and sure enough, once I reached the gate, I was hold back and the brigands simply laughed and told me to go play somewhere else. Combe wouldn’t help Archet, that was sure.

Blackwolds at Combe

Since Cal Sprigley send me to Combe, I decided to go back to him. Maybe he would know what to do next. When I reached him, I gave him the news. He wasn’t happy with it. I could very well imagine that. He thought Archet was really in trouble now. He gave me a letter for Captain Brackenbrook, explaining the problem. This surely would be enough to convince Captain Brackenbrook that Archet was really under the threat of the Brigands.

On my way back to Captain Brackenbrook I ran into more brigands. Now that I’ve seen three men killed by these… monsters and that they invaded Combe, I decided I’d give them some payback. And they got some. I’ve defeated quite some Brigands, I can tell you that! These villains don’t deserve to be here. I decided to take whatever I could from their motionless bodies. Their broken shortswords, mangled and rotted swordsheaths might be of good use to the weapon smith in Archet. And guess what? I was lucky enough to find some Celebrant Salves as well. These villains use them too! I took the potions from them. These will help me keep going in future fights.

In Archet I gave Cal’s letter to Captain Brackenbrook and now he’s finally convinced. But what good will that do? Now that Combe is under attack the captain really doesn’t know what to do. The only one who would have known what to do is the captain’s son or so he told me. But they’ve become estranged. The captain is feeling sorry now for sending his son away from Archet, for not trusting his judgement about Calder Cob, but that’s too late. He knows that now. He sent me away, not knowing what do. I have to admit that this didn’t give me any feeling of hope. There has to be something that can be done, right? I was convinced about that, but I had no idea what could be done. That’s why I decided to go and visit Strider again. Perhaps he would know what to do.

Captain Brackenbrook’s son


On my way to Strider I noticed that Celandine tried to get my attention. I suddenly remembered the bilberries I had collected for her and hurried over to her. As a thank you for collecting the berries, Celandine gave me fried mushrooms. They’re not my favorite food, but hey, I can’t let a present like that down, now can I? She assured me I had indeed collected enough bilberries for her tea. It took a little while for her to

Boar Meat

make the tea, so I decided to head over to Mundo to give him the Boar-meat he had craved for. He was delighted with the meat and gave me a copper band in return as a thank you.
I returned to Celandine and she gave me the tea for Amdir. She said I should bring it. After all, I had helped her collecting all the bilberries and it wouldn’t be fair if she would get all the credit. At least that’s what she said. Wasn’t that nice of her?

I gave the tea to Amdir, but he wasn’t feeling well enough to drink. He pretended to drink it, though, so that he wouldn’t insult Celandine. He asked me to thank her for the tea on his behalf. I have to admit, I’m worried about him. He looked even paler than when I left him and Strider this morning. I really hope that Celandine’s tea and the potion Strider made, will help.
Strider could see that I was struggling with something, so I told him about the Captain’s problem. Strider advised me to go looking for the captain’s son, Jon, even though this is against the wishes of the captain. Strider thinks Jon might be the only one who’s able to help Archet now. When I asked him where I might find Jon, he told me to go look for the Hunting Lodge west of the south gate of Archet, just outside Archet. There’s a group of hunters there. Jon might be amongst them. I’ll definitely do that.

More training & Toughening up
Now that I know that Archet’s in even greater danger, I decided it would be wise to pay a visit to Teal Saddler to see if she could teach me something new that would help me better in a fight. Before I went over to her, I stopped by Celandine to tell her thanks from Amdir. She was so happy that she gave me an old ring as a thank you. That was very nice of her!
Teal was happy to see that I had more experience in fighting now and she thought I had gotten experienced enough to learn a few new skills. I think those new skills will work excellent in my future fights. Sometimes you just get that feeling that everything will get better, right? That’s what I got when Teal taught me these new things.

After I had practiced these new skills, I thought it might be good to see if the weapon smith or armour smith might have something for me to help me in my fights. And to kill two birds with one stone, I might as well sell everything I had looted so far from the monsters outside of Archet.
It turned out I could make a good deal with Mildred Catchfly. I sold her everything I had looted, besides the potions and she sold me better equipment. I immediately felt tougher than before.
Of course it had been a while since I’d had a good meal, so I decided I might as well have that in Archet before heading out again.

More news later on
I had a good meal outside on the market place. It was a nice day to eat outside. You know I always love that. I took this opportunity too to write you this letter. It has been an eventful morning. Now that I look back at it, it was far more eventful than what I would have expected. But I feel it was a morning well spent.

Now that I see the length of this letter as how it is now already, I think it might be wiser to sent it to you now. Again, I hope this letter finds you in a good condition. In my next letter I’ll tell you all about my adventures from this afternoon. Who knows what I’ll run into. I do have to do some thinking though. You know that I was never that adventurous as my parents were. I have had moments this morning in which I really wondered if this adventurous was a thing that I should be doing. I’m still not sure that I’ve made the right decision, but I do know one thing:

I want to help the people of Archet in defending themselves. This town has to be saved.

You know I’ve always wanted to help people and this is my chance to really do something that might make a difference. Perhaps it was just fate that I chose that night to leave. And maybe luck will help me in the future.
Well, it’s time to go and see if I can find this Jon Brackenbrook. I bid you farewell for now and I hope I’ll find you well in the future!

Until we meet again.

Yours Truly, Sheherezi

Author’s Note:
Like before this is a story told by Sheherezi. She has no knowledge of the books or whatsoever, so everything is written from her point of view and her knowledge. Please keep that in mind!
Onto the rest. Quests covered here are:
  • Siege to the South (Talk to Cal Sprigley on the Captain’s Behalf)
  • The Interrogation (talk to Otto the Brigand, Ned Pruner and the Captain again).
  • Sweet Bilberry Tea (collect Bilberries)
  • A very empty belly (collect boar-meat)
  • A gift for Amdir (bring Amdir the Bilberry tea)
  • A plea for aid (go to Combe to ask for help)
  • The courageous farmhands (Find Wil’s father and the other farmhands)

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