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Little Delving & Crafting

Hey llse,

I’m so glad I’ve finally heard from you! I was beginning to get worried. Postman Newbuck, whom I met in Little Delving today, told me the quick post isn’t working like it used to, like you described in your letter. It must be horrendous to have post delivered back because it supposedly couldn’t be delivered. Or the rush mail you wrote about that was laid aside for several days! It’s unbelievable.
Anyway, it’s good to hear that you are doing well. It’s fun to see that you’ve met a fellow traveler. Oh, and thank you for giving her my name. After she had heard from you that I had started my adventure, she decided to help me out and sent me several things to help me get started. It’s wonderful!

On a side-note: it’s very nice to hear that the others are liking my letters as much as you do. I would never have believed that our friends would have been interested in adventures. After all, that’s not really what hobbits do, do they?

Since you’re all eager to hear more about my adventures, here’s what I’ve done today. I have to admit at front, it’s not much in comparison to the days before, but every adventurer has to have a start somewhere, right?

Little Delving
I’ve had a good night’s rest in Little Delving where we arrived last night. I found an abandoned dwelling and could sleep there. There wasn’t much comfort, but at least it was dry and safe from wind and such so all in all it wasn’t bad.

Due to the fact that we had to leave Archet ablaze in a hurry, I had had no time to gather any left over food, so this morning I had to do with what I had left from earlier in my backpack. After my small breakfast, although that’s even too big a name for it, I packed up my belongings, cleaned the little mess I made and went out to see what the day would bring me.

Mundo’s letter

Outside I met Mundo Sackville-Baggins again, near the mailbox. It was my understanding that he was a bit more familiar with the surroundings than I was, so I hoped that he could help me to get some food, but alas. All he was interested in, was complaining loudly. If you ask me, he sounded a bit like a snob. He insisted I’d take his letter to Mayor Will in Michel Delving. You’d think he could post it himself, in the mailbox a few feet from him, right? No, he wanted me personally to go there, since I “had been no help at all with the escape yesterday”. Can you imagine that?! I thought about it for a while. I was inclined to simply say no. However, I noticed the bounder a little further and he was nodding his head, as if to say “take the letter”. So, I did.

To Michel Delving

Little Delving Bounder

I don’t know about you, I’ve never heard you about it, but I’ve never been to Michel Delving before. I think my mum mentioned it once or twice, but that’s about it. It’s a shame, really. Anyway, I’m digressing. Let me tell about this bounder. He was standing near the mailbox in Little Delving. It seems that’s a common gathering place there. He had already heard about me, no doubt from Mundo. Or perhaps Bounder Boffin told him about me? It’s not important. He, like Bounder Boffin, thought I’d make an excellent bounder and advised me to go to see Second Shirrif Bunce in Michel Delving if I indeed wanted to become a bounder.
I know I previously had my doubts about all this bounder businesses, but now that I had more experience, I thought it might be worth it giving it a try. So, onto Michel Delving it was.
And I guess the bounder sensed that I was into adventures, cause he told me that if I wanted more adventures, I should head to Bree where men dwell. That sounds interesting!

Also in the vicinity of the mailbox was Alf Goodcliff. Apparently he’s an enthusiastic crafter and he told me I might find interesting things in the craft-fair in Michel Delving. Now that’s music to my ears, you can imagine that! He was so friendly to give me the name of a friend of his, Emerald Borings. She should be able to get me into the crafter’s area and to some more options. Finally someone who can help me to get me going with cooking again!


Commendation Letter

Although the mail isn’t upto it’s reputation, apparently Jon Brackenbrook knew a way to get his letter to me quickly. I think that he’s left his letter and package with Postman Newbuck. How else would he have gotten it that fast?
Not that I’m complaining, don’t get me wrong! The letter and the package was very convenient. Several people were very grateful for the help I gave them. Jon has written a commendation letter for the people in Michel Delving and the people from Archet got me:

  • Wrapped Horse Whistle
  • 6 potions to help me recover during fights
  • Letter from the masters and mistresses of apprentices. I can visit them in Michel Delving and learn crafting skills.
  • Navy dye. Now how did they know that I love that? How nice of them!
  • A message of thanks
  • Another gift package

It’s such a wonderful present and to imagine that they’ve done all that for me, while their city is in ruins! It’s incredible! It’s so nice of them to this for me, who’s only done a little to help them. I feel humbly honored. I’m sure you’ll understand that I decided to visit Michel Delving before anything else.
Like Jon advised in his letter, I gave his commendation letter to Postman Newbuck and he decided to give me a few potions as a thank you in return as well. That was so sweet!

Delivering Mail
I told you that the quickpost wasn’t upto scratch and that’s why postman Newbuck asked me if I could help him to bring the mail to Michel Delving, since I was already heading there. Of course I helped him, how could I not? Perhaps my help will help in returning the quickpost to it’s former reputation.
I managed to get the mail to it’s destination very quickly. Luckily I spotted one “nosey hobbit” in time and I managed to deliver the mail.

Crafting Fair

Emerald Borings

After delivering the mail, I quickly searched for the craft-fair. The sign-post pointed me in the proper direction again and I went over there quick. I found Emerald Borings and I mentioned Alf to her. I hoped she could help me to find a place where I could cook. I had a glance over her shoulder and noticed the Cook guild’s hall, but there’s no chance of getting in, as I later learned. First I’ll have to prove that I can actually cook. Can you imagine that? Well, okay, maybe just a little. They do have a point, now do they? They can’t just let anyone join. That would make the guild a laughable thing.

Blossom Proudfoot

Anyway, Emerald directed me towards Blossom Proudfoot, the mistress of Apprentices. Was it really a coincidence that Alf gave me Emeralds name, seen the fact that I had the letter from the masters and mistresses of crafting? Or am I being to suspicious about it? I guess I am. They’re just hobbits like you and I and always willing to help you out. And so I started my second journey… this time a cook’s journey. Not a real travel journey, but a different kind of journey.
After I had told blossom about my love for vegetable gardens and cooking, she thought Yeo(wo)man would be the perfect vocation for me. Granted, she told me this would also give me the opportunity to learn tailoring, but as you know, I’m not really interested in that. But that’s okay. I don’t mind. With all the experience as a cook and gardener I shouldn’t have to experience any problems with this vocation, she assured me. Well, there’s nothing wrong with officially learning the job, isn’t there? And who knows what new things I’ll learn. After all, wasn’t that what I hoped to find on my journeys as well?

Blossom told me to pay a visit to Petunia Greenhand to learn cooking from her and that’s what I did, but not before Blossom gave me farming tools, cooking tools and tailoring tools. The sun was already setting but there was still enough light to see everything at the fair. I noticed Petunia sitting near the entrance of the fair and I went over to her.

Petunia Greenhand

Petunia turned out to be a very nice Novice Cook who was eager to teach me the trick of the trades of cooking. I have to admit, this might work better then my own method. After I had made the hard biscuits she asked me to make, I returned to her to show them. She tasted them and told me that I did a good job. She instantly declared me a novice cook. I was glad that all my hard work from the past paid off. I was now ready to start a serious apprenticeship as a cook.

Let’s call it a night
With all the explaining and the cooking it had turned dark and I decided it was a day well spent. I decided to seek out the farmer tomorrow. And perhaps I may even pay a visit to the tailor, but I’m not sure about that yet. Although it does come in handy to make my own fashion, doesn’t it?
There’s still so much to learn and do here, I think I might spend a few days here in Michel Delving before heading out on adventures again. I do need time to restock on cooking supplies and I might as well do that here.

For now I say goodbye to you. I will write you again soon! In the meantime I hope my letter finds you in good condition again.

Yours Truly, Sheherezi

Author’s note:
I guess you understood that Shriya is one of my alts. Of course they’ve never met, but I can pretend they can keep in touch through me. And in a weird way, I guess they do 🙂
Quests in this letter:

  • Intro: The Storm is upon us: you complete this with talking to Mundo
  • Prologue: Mundo’s Complaint: Mundo’s letter
  • Breeland: A message of thanks (the package)
  • Crafting: Michel Delving Craft-fair (Alf directs you there)
  • Crafting: Outfitting yourself and others (The letter from the masters and mistresses of apprentices)
  • The Shire: Join the Bounders
  • The Shire: From the Shire to Bree-town.
  • Crafting: Introduction to cooking (Blossom directs you to Petunia Greenhand)

As like before, all quests are done by Sheherezi, a hobbit. This means that your path may differ from hers if you’ve chosen an Elf, Dwarf or Man for a character.


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