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Restoring the Quick Post – 5 TP

Hey all,

As promised, here’s another deed for free Turbine Points.

reputation seal completeIf you’ve entered Tolkien’s World as a Hobbit, you’ll start in Little Delving once you’ve finished the Tutorial. There you’ll find Postman Newbuck who asks you to deliver mail to Michel Delving. Once you’ve accepted this quest, you’ve automatically opened this deed.

Restoring the post
There are 13 routes to complete:

  • Needlehole (Postman Redsmith) to Michel Delving (Postmaster Proudfoot)
  • Michel Delving (Postmaster Proudfoot) to Waymeet (Postman Twofoot)
  • Waymeet (Postman Twofoot) to Needlehole (Postman Redsmith)
  • Tuckborough (Postman Took) to Hobbiton (Postman Grubb)
  • Little Delving (Postman Newbuck) to Michel Delving (Postmaster Proudfoot)
  • Michel Delving (Postmaster Proudfoot) to Tuckborough (Postman Took)
  • Overhill (Postman Boffin) to Bywater (Postman Cotton)
  • Hobbiton (Postman Grubb) to Overhill (Postman Boffin)
  • Stock (Postman Smallburrow) to Budgeford (Postman Bolger)
  • Woodhall (Postman Spinner) to Stock (Postman Smallburrow)
  • Frogmorton (Postman Oddfoot) to Woodhall (Postman Spinner)
  • Budgeford (Postman Bolger) to Scary (Postman Digswell)
  • Scary (Postman Digswell) to Brockenborings (Postman Moresby)

There are a few things to keep in mind here:

  • Timer: Every time you pick up a delivery bag with one of the postmans, a timer is started. You’ll have until that timer ends, to finish the job. If the timer is finished before you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ve failed the task.
  • Nosey Hobbits: The moment you hit the streets to start deliver your bag, nosey hobbits will appear as an eye on your minimap. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. They might seem cute, but meeting them will result in failing your task and you’ll have to start over again with the route.
  • Wet mail: You might be tempted to take a shortcut through deep water, but the problem is that your mail will get wet. And who wants mail that’s thoroughly wet? Right, nobody, so, you’ll have failed your task if you have to swim.
  • Combat: Avoid combat at all costs. Monsters may hit you, but as long as you don’t fight back and continue your route, you won’t fail your task.

As described above, you might have a chance that you’ve failed your task. Don’t worry. You can still fulfill the deed and you don’t need to redo every route. To fulfill the deed, simply go to the postman you started the route at and pick up the delivery bag again. You can fulfill the route and with that fulfill the deed.

Restoring the Quick post will give you a virtue point for Patience and you will receive 5 free Turbine Points.

Servers & Characters
You can fulfill this deed with every character on all servers. I think what my slaves next job is going to be :evilgrin:

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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