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Rise of Isengard Code give away by Turbine

Hey all,

I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by to tell you about the give away of RoI codes by Turbine.

All you need to do is retweet (yes via twitter) this exact phrase:

New #WHITEHAND sighting! http://t.co/NPTzKzUX RT this by 2:30PM Eastern for a chance to win 1 of 3 ROI Legendary codes! #LOTRO

Just to be sure you retweet it correctly, go to Lotro @ Twitter, hover your mouse over the tweet and retweet from there. Oh, and mind you, you have to follow (click link follow) Lotro on Twitter.

RoI Code
Oh, I know, there are hundreds of people trying to get these codes, but I have a very small hope of winning a code. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have it? Suppose I’d win a code, what would I do? I’ve got several accounts at Lotro for free characters. I’ve got one “main account” with Sheherezi and Shriya. I was aiming to really play for free with that account and thus get as much TP’s as possible to buy all the quest packs. Point is, I found out today that the RoI questpack in the store is 3250 TP’s. Now that’s a pretty high amount of points. The in-game lotro store RoI questpack contains:

  • 375 Quests for level 66 – 75
  • 40 deeds

So…. Shall I keep my “main” account completely free and thus NOT use the code (in the very very very slight minute chance I might win it) and instead use it on the account where I have say… my Scholar, Saeliyagil. And elf going to RoI, nwo that would be interesting. And I don’t mind that account having the code. Heck, if I ever have enough money for it, I think I’ll buy all the questpacks and anything else I can use on that account.
It seems my mind’s already made up, what do you think? My other account it will be?

What will I do first in the very slight chance I might win a code?
Okay, so, there’s a very small chance I might win a code, right? But.. what will I do first once I’ve won it and added it to my account? Checking out Isengard? That’s a bit hard to do… Saeliyagil is only level 9, I think. The road to Isengard is long. But I might level her first, before any of the others, instead of only leveling her scholar skills….. And then head out to Isengard.
Oh, and of course I will let you guys know that I’ve won the code 🙂

What will you do if you happen to win a code?

Have fun!


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