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The temptation of quests

Hey all,

Well, I finally got around to “freeing” one of my TP farming alts from the Tutorial state of Archet. I was determined to have her hunting for slayer deeds, but I ended up doing several quests as well with her. Oh, the temptations of the quests…..

Truth be told, when you complete 100 quests in the Shire, you’ll have fulfilled a deed with which you’ll get 15 TP’s as well, so… Maybe it’s all for the best 🙂 In the meantime I’m gonna go hunting again. It’s about time I’d get myself some extra points to buy my first few questpacks!

Have fun with your free TP’s!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

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