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Bought 1 month subscription

Hey all,

Okay, I caved…. I’ve just bought a one month subscription for Lotro for one account. I’m not going to continue with it after this month, cause right now I really can’t afford it to keep it up. I do hope I’ll be able to have a permanent subscription sometime in the future, though.

I know, I was going to stay clear from subscriptions, but I decided I might as well spend € 13,- and get a few account wide extra’s that otherwise I’d really have to grind for. And as a bonus, the following items I get to keep once my subscription has ended (for existing and logged in characters):

  • 4th inventory bag (495 TP) (for current characters only?)
  • 5th inventory bag (495 TP)(for current characters only?)
  • 3rd character (595 TP)
  • 5 auction house listings (95 TP fr the first 5 posts)
  • ability to trade and mail gold (I don’t think you can buy that)
  • Gold cap removal (395 TP) for current characters. Now, if I get more characters, I’ll still need to buy the gold cap removal.

Basically I’ve saved 2075 Turbine Points for now. I realize I might still have to spent 1480 Turbine Points once I get a fourth character, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it 🙂

I do realize all the other benefits will be gone once the subscription ends, but the above were things I’d have to grind TP’s for, something I don’t have to do anymore. Perhaps I’ll get one month subscriptions on my other accounts as well, sometime in the future. It would surely be helpful. But for now, this is already helping!

Now I can think about things like the premium wallet upgrade, Quest packs, expansion packs and such. That’s certainly something to work and look out for!

What are your experiences with Lotro subscriptions and items from the Lotro Store?

Have fun!


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Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

One comment on “Bought 1 month subscription

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