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More information about the First Annual Farmer’s Faire in the Shire

Hey all,

I’ve just read some news about the new First Annual farmer’s Faire in the Shire. It all starts in Bywater (near Hobbiton). Two Mini games have been confirmed by Lauren “Budgeford” Salk:

  • Egg Scramble (I’m guessing this will be something on Farmer Sandson’s farm, like I reported earlier)
  • Mushroom Hunt (Will we be scouring through Farmer Maggot’s greenhouses for mushrooms? I’m already looking forward to it!)

Both mini games are made by Vastin. I’m already looking forward to those! I hope they’ll be some nice rewards like usual! I’m looking forward to some related furniture and recipes.

The biggest hint Lauren gave, is that it’s food related. now, luckily my cook (Sheherezi) has reached Westfold cooking and Westfold farming a couple of days ago, but since this is a festival for everyone, I’m guessing Westfold cooking won’t really be needed here 🙂
Then there’s a hint about helping Mayor Whitfoot. It’s rumoured that he’s the fattest hobbit around (and I’ve got a shreed suspicion this might be true) and he’ll be attending the festival all through the day. Guess what? He’ll be in for a nice surprise since the festival is supposed to run from July 19th (coming Thursday) until August 6th. I guess your taste buttons could go on a run so our dear mayor will need help with proper seasoning apparently.

Do you remember Sheherezi told about meeting Bounder Boffin and this Black Rider? Well,  he’s trying to keep order during the festival. Can you imagine that? Thousands of hobbits coming to a food-related festival and he wants to keep order? Naturally he’ll need our help. So, of course we’re here for him, won’t we?

Now, have you ever been to a market? You might have spotted the birds there, trying to pick up everything we careless shoppers let fall. Or perhaps even try to steal something in a stall! Well, that’s exactly what’s happening at the Shire’s Faire as well! And off course the vendors need our help with retrieving and refilling everything! Perhaps this is something for a cook or a farmer to make use of the professions? It would be nice if you could actually use your profession for once. Then again, it wold rule out those who don’t have that profession, unless the ones who do, sell their stuff. Hmmm…. An idea just came to mind 🙂

Of course the Faire wouldn’t be complete without fish, so fishing is to be done too. In previous festivals I hardly did any fishing, so perhaps I’ll do it this time, just to get the experience.

In short, I’m very much looking forward to the festival. I see loads of possibilities to have a lot of fun!

For more information and a wonderful insight into a developer’s work, I recommend you read the developer Diary here. It’s quite interesting!

I’ll hopefully see you all on the Nimrodel server when the festival starts! Remember it begins July 19th (coming Thursday) and runs until August 6th.

What are you looking forward to with this festival?

Source: Lotro Game Developer Diary

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