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Invitation to the Farmer’s Faire


Hey all,

If you haven’t logged into Lotro yet, be sure to do so soon! Visit the closest mailbox you can find and open the mail fro m he Party Planner. In the mail you’ll find the official invitation from Opal Goodbody:

Dear “Insert your name”


You are cordially invited to join the celebrations in Bywater for the annual Farmer’s Faire!


This midsummer festival features food, fun and more. If you wish to travel to the faire, the Michel Delving Stable-master is sending horses that way regularly. I hope you enjoy yourself.



Opal Goodbody

Of course you don’t NEED to use these wonderful horses, you can simple walk to Bywater or use your own horse.

This invitation also automatically gives you your first Farmer’s Faire Quest. You have to speak with the Festival Announcer at the Faire. You will be rewarded with 3 Farmer’s Faire Tokens.

From here on the festivities begin!

Are you enjoying the festival already? I’d love to hear your stories! Have fun!



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