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2012 Bucket list


Hey all,

I was inspired by Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications to make a (small) bucket list for the remainder of 2012. There’s so much I still want to do in Life, but I’m restricting this bucket list to Lotro.
So, what DO I want to do this remainder of 2012? Let’s see.

  1. Reach level 20 with all my characters (I’ve got about 15 of them right now, most still in a beginning stage)
  2. Start Crafting on all characters
  3. Set up a Crafting Guide for for the apprentice rank of each profession
  4. Have a deluxe Elven house with Sheherezi on the Nimrodel server. Yep, she’s a Hobbit, but she loves the Elven environment.
  5. Do the Skirmish Tutorial and the two free skirmishes once with at least one character.
  6. Save enough Turbine Points to be able to buy 2 quest packs, a Cook Guild access for Sheherezi (After all, she is now a Westfold Master Cook) and enough Wardrobe space so that both Shriya and Sheherezi can have at least one complete outfit.
  7. 1 Complete outfit for Sheherezi, fitting either her guardian class or her profession as a cook.
  8. 1 Complete outfit for Shriya as a Hunter
  9. 1 Complete outfit for Saeliyagil as either a Scholar or a Loremaster
  10. Participate in the Summer/Harvest festival with Shriya, Sheherezi and Saeliyagil

Is this too much? Perhaps. On  the other hand, I like a challenge and several things of the above seem doable. If I manage to do it all, I’ll be extremely happy!

Do you have a bucket list for Lotro? If so, what is on your list? Share it here!



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