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Store, Carry & Share more!: The store has things on sale!

Hey all,

Good news if you’re kind of a hoarder like I am, several things are on sale now from August 31 till September 6th:

  • Vault Storage SpaceVault upgrades My advice: spend your silver and gold in-game on all the vault upgrades possible. Only from vault upgrade VII you need to pay with TP:  Old (highest) price: 995 TP, Sale price: 796 TP. This saves a nice amount of TP’s. That means more time to grind your TP’s for other things. Remember, the Vault upgrades are all character upgrades!
  • Shared Storage SpaceShared storage (save 195 TP with buying the first 20 slots as a pack: choose the option for 20 slots instead of 10!) Old (highest) price: 995 TP, Sale price: 796 TP. Currently you can have 120 slots. I’m hoping the new expansion will give us more slots again. Cause as a crafter I surely could use it! Shared storage is an account upgrade.
  • Currency Cap RemovalCurrency cap removal: Old price: 395, Sale price: 316. If you want a Deluxe or Kinship house you have no other choice than to buy this account upgrade when you’ve got enough Gold. Everything above your gold cap is stored in your escrow (you see in your wallet how much you have in your escrow). It can’t be removed when you want to buy a deluxe or kinship house, so that’s when you really need the gold cap removal.
  • Inventory Storage BagsInventory Bags: Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll loot just about any and all crafting item. And of course there are the “trophy” items which you can either sell to the vendors for a nice amount of silver/gold or which you can trade for exp/reputation for tasks. So having two more bags is only a good thing! Old price: 495, Sale Price: 396. These are account upgrades.

Now this is surely interesting. Personally I’m still saving my TP for two quest packs (especially since Shriya is now level 20 and Sheherezi level 18), but perhaps I’ll grind deeds with a few more characters in order to be able to buy some of the above.

There are also Skill deed boosts available (old price: 50 – 450 TP, Sale Price: 30  -270 TP), but those are things I’m definitely NOT going to buy. Of course, having your deeds done quicker is nice, but my goal with finishing the deeds is to GAIN Turbine Points, not SPEND them.

Are you going to make use of the sale?

Have fun!


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Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

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