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Everything to dress up your character!

Lotro Store Sale

There’s a nice sale again for those who are Cosmetics “fanatics”! Are you looking for a new outfit, or perhaps some more wardrobe space? Now is your chance to get it at a discount!:

  • Clothing Cloaks and Accessories
    If you’ve got some TP laying around, going to “waste” this might be a good chance to finally spend some of those! You can choose from a wide variety of clothing, cloaks and accessories. How about something seasonal like the Cloak of Autumn Wood? Or perhaps something that fits your cook, like the Cook’s Pack? They are now both available for 137 Turbine Points. Prices for all items now vary from 137 TP to 207 TP (old prices: 195 TP – 207 TP). Keep in mind these are all Character Bound items and Cosmetic Bundles are not included!
  • Wardrobe Space
    Sharing your clothing with other characters on your account is ideal! now you can your wardrobe space for a nice discount. You can get up to 120 wardrobe slots. Of course it’s ideal, but if you’re like me, it’s never enough. But it’s a start, right? Oh, don’t be fooled by the tip in the start up of the game. You’ll get the message you can buy “more” wardrobe space, but don’t forget, you start with 0 (zero) slots and you have to buy the all slots! Old price (for 10 slots): 495 TP, discount price (for 10 slots): 347 TP. These are Account wide!
  • Cosmetic Outfit Slots
    With all those cosmetics, it’s handy to have more slots than the two cosmetic outfit slots you get for free. Now you can get more outfit slots for a sale price. The old price: 495 TP, sale price: 347 TP. It’s great to have more outfit slots, but keep in mind that these are all character bound. Still, if you want to have new look and keep the old looks in the system, new outfit slots are perfect!
  • Dyes
    Is there anything better than dyeing your clothing in the colors you want? If you don’t have a scholar who can make these dyes for you, here’s your chance to get dye your outfits in exactly the colors you like for some TP. You can buy a single vial and a 5-use-stack. Prices range from 18 TP (old: 25 TP) to 315 TP (old: 450 TP). Store Dyes are character bound.

If you’ve got everything you need for your outfits, you can indulge yourself in Emotes (Sale price: 67 – 175 TP) and let’s not forget the free Slayer deed you can get as an example. Remember, the last one is 1 per account!

There’s one excellent tip I’d like to share with you. Hymne, from Cosmetic Lotro, gave an excellent tip for saving TP:

Only buy Storage & Wardrobe Space when it’s on sale or immediately upon release.

I think that’s the most important tip about buying something from the store I could share with you.

What are you going to buy with this sale?


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One comment on “Everything to dress up your character!

  1. […] me 347 Turbine Points, but…. it was something I had on my wishlist and it came in handy now. Earlier I had already decided to follow Hymne’s advice to buy things when they’re on sale, so I […]

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