Blood-Lust – 5 TP


So far I’ve only shown you Turbine Points deeds for the Hunter and the Guardian, but now I’ve also got deeds for the Champion. And here’s the first one: Blood-Lust.

Deed Description
Food, Drink, Companionship – for the Champion, all of these are second to the joys of Battle. Drink is a very close second though.

Wild_Attack-iconTo fulfill this deed you need to land 50 critical hits using Wild Attack.

Once you’ve fulfilled the deed, you will receive 5 free Turbine Points and the trait Blood Lust

Blood Lust:
Your wild attack now generates 1 additional Fervour after a Critical Hit.

Blood Lust is part of the trait set The Berserker. Other traits in this set are:

Servers & Characters
This deed can only be done Champions (no hobbits) on all servers. It does seem quite easy, only 50 times, but mind you, it’s a critical hit and you don’t get those all the time.

Have fun with your free TP’s and let me know what you going to do with them!


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