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Bree-land Adventurer – 10 TP

Hey all,

reputation seal completeIf you’re traveling through Bree-land, keep in mind to do quests. This deed I have for you today is all about doing quests! You have to complete 15 quests in Bree-land to fulfill this deed.

This deed gives you 1 point on the virtue Empathy  and 10 free Turbine Points.

Servers & Characters
You can do this deed with every character on any server. I’ll probably do it with all my farming characters. After all, 15 Quests isn’t that much to do and it’s pretty doable in Bree-Land.

Have fun with your free Turbine Points!


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One comment on “Bree-land Adventurer – 10 TP

  1. […] for Quests in Bree-land. This time you have finish 30 Quests. This deed counts onwards from the previous 15, so it’s only 15 more quests you have to […]

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