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Lotro Store Sales: Questpacks, crafting and more!

Have you saved your TP for questpacks? Now is the time to buy them! You can get them with a discount of 25%.  Well, this is an ideal way to get more content and save some TP at the same time!  The prices vary from 447 TP – 597 TP.

Hmmm… I think I’ll follow Kaldy’s TP Grind Guide to see if I can get some more TP in a few short hours! I know I can really use them!

Darn.. I should have spend some TP 2 months ago when the Questpacks were on 50% discount. But that’s all done now….. Looking forward and hoping I can buy 1 or more questpacks from my wishlist for a reduced price before the sale is over.

If you’ve already got a high level character and you want to work on your legendary items, now is the chance to get a few things on sale:

  • Scroll of Combination
  • Relic Removal Scroll
  • Legacies
  • Slayer deed accelerators

And if you’re looking for more experience while leveling, try out the free sample: 100% XP Boost for 1 hour. 1/account with code: XP8456

The sale ends September 20th, 2012.

What are you gonna buy from the store?


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