Cruel Odds – 5 TP


Here’s another class deed for you. This time it’s for the Burglar.

Deed Description
To better twist chance in your favour, you must first master the art of piling victory on top of success.

For this deed you have to achieve a critical hit with any of your skills unlocked by a Critical hit 200 times to fulfill it.

Once you’ve fulfilled this deed, you’ll receive the trait Cruel Odds and 5 free Turbine Points.
Trait Cruel OddsCruel Odds:
Burglar’s Advantage and Double edged strike now have a 10% chance to apply a Critical Vulnerability debuff to your target. If the target has a Gamble, the chance is increased to 25%. In addition you get +2% Incoming Melee Critical chance for 15s

Cruel Odds is part of the Gambler Trait set up. Other traits in the Gambler:

Servers & Characters
This deed can be fulfilled by all burglars on all servers. Since it is dependent on landing a critical hit, it’s not an easy thing to fulfill, so I will not include this as a goal for all my burglars.

Have fun with your free TP’s!


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