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Crafting Tip: Timing your farming

Hey all,

For all those farmers amongst I have a tip that might help you get more produce. Weird as it may sounds, I’ve got a feeling it all has to do with the timing! I know that as there are many players, there are also opinions about this subject. I’m happy to share mine.

It’s all about Timing!

Now, I don’t have hard evidence like hundreds of experiments, but so far I’ve got a Westfold farmer who’s been pretty lucky with her produces the way I time everything. So, without delays, here it is:

Timing your Farming

Timing your Farming

In the above image you see the progressbar of the harvesting just filled. I always plant only 1 field and harvest it. At the moment my chat says “you have acquired <insert crop>” I click ” make” in the crafting panel. In this screenshot you can’t see that the progress bar is not completely filled at that moment. That’s due to a little delay upon the making of the screenshot.

So far I’ve noticed the produce seems to be higher when I do it that way. Also, I seem to have more look in getting extra drops like rare items, even when I’m not a master farmer yet in the accompanying tier.

What are your experiences with farming and harvest?


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One comment on “Crafting Tip: Timing your farming

  1. […] get more experience points. I usually manage to get an average of 3 crops per seed when I time my farming. I know there are people who’ll only make the fields for leveling, but in that case […]

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