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Lotteries on hold until after RoR Launch

Hey all,

Sapience just announced that Lotteries are on hold until after the launch of Riders of Rohan:

With the launch of the Riders of Rohan expansion just a few days away, we are temporarily suspending lotteries.

There are a few reasons for this. We need to update the lotteries with new loot and make changes to the system to accommodate levels 76-85.

We’re also making some changes to the Lorebook, which the lottery uses for some behind the scenes magic, that could potentially break lotteries that are running while those changes are made.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, and to avoid potential server load issues, we’ll suspend lotteries for at least a week.

But when they come back, there will be new goodies available!

Good to know why there are no lotteries 🙂


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