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Roaming around the country & Mounts!

Hey all,

Ilse has given me the possibility to send my letters directly to you all, instead of only to her and I’m glad I can do that now. It has been quite a long time since I’ve written about my adventures in Middle-Earth. I have to admit I haven’t adventured that much lately, but let me get you up to date.

Westfold Farmer

I’ve told you before how I started farming and how continued up to the Artisan Tier, didn’t I? Well, I’ve taken it to the next level. Better yet, I’ve mastered it to the perfection! I’ve reached the highest Tier in farming and the highest rank! Incredible, right? Well, it’s rather easy once you know what to do.  I have simply followed the same steps as before. Once you know what to do, it’s very easy! I know, Ilse, you were worried about me having problems with all the farming I had to do, but it’s great to do! I can only recommend you to do the same. It’s relaxing and you can grow all the food you need! I’m delighted I am able to get all the ingredients I need for my cooking without having to rely on others (too much) for my ingredients.

Westfold Cooking

Not only have I reached the highest tier in Farming, I’ve also reached the highest tier and rank in Cooking! Now I can make all the breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between for all my journeys! I’m glad I can do that! All I need now is a proper pack to keep all cooking supplies sorted. That’s something I really miss. Once I was an artisan cook and had all my farming skills up to scratch, it was quite easy to build up my cooking skills. Mind you, people are very tough on approving, so don’t expect to become a Westfold cook immediately, but it’s my experience when you work hard enough, you’ll be granted the rank and Tier of Master Westfold Cook.
I’ve also become a member of the Cook guild, but I’ll tell you more about that later on. Right now I haven’ t done much with my membership yet.


Now that I’m ready to travel, it’s time to get some traveling arrangements. The festivals have offered me some great opportunities and I have used them all! I never knew this would be so much fun, but it is. What is? Ponies! I’ve got three of them now! They follow me everywhere I go. When I’m in the mood for walking, I’ll simply walk, but otherwise I’ll ride either one of these three:

Me on Cutiepie, isn’t she just lovely? I’ve been riding on her for a long time. She’s a great companion on my journeys! (Albeit in the Shire, Ered-Luin and Bree-land for now).

And what do you think about:

This is me on Shiyanga, as I named her. Although I don’t have her that long yet, I  already love her!

And just now the Harvestmath Festival is there again and of course I participated in the races. I won the races twice after I lost them a couple of times. I’m very happy I was able to win these races, cause I got the race tokens I needed and I could buy myself another pony. This one has a more extravagant outfit as you can see:

This is me on Mailiyaqua

I’ve found that I love ponies. The horses Man and Elf like to ride on are a tad too big for me, but the Ponies? Those I absolutely love! I definitely want to collect as many as possible! After all, it’s not good to ride only one pony. They need their rest as well as we do.


In these pictures you see me in my first real outfit. What do you think about it? I’m wearing the Hooded cloak of the Harvest, The Gardener’s Apron, Gardening Gloves and gardening Boots. These go well with my profession as a farmer, I think.

Housing & Kinship

Like I said, I’ve been traveling to Bree-Land and Ered-Luin as well for the festivities. I absolutely fell in love with the houses in Falathlorn. I know these are houses originally built for and by Elves, but they look so wonderful! I really felt at home while wandering through the homesteads. Although I still love the Shire, I’ve decided I want to love amongst the Elves in the Future, so I’m saving up a big part of the money I earn for a nice house in Falathlorn.

While visiting Ered-Luin and Bree-land I’ve actually seen Elves and Dwarves. I’ve even met an Elf named Saeliyagil who invited me into her Kinship. I have humbly agreed to become a member. It is great. The other members are all enthusiastic crafters, like I am, so we’re really alike. Ilse, I’ve heard you met Rosangiya already and asked her for guides on Farming. She’s perfect for that. She’s very experienced and far more informed about all the details that can influence your farming results than I am. I understand she agreed to indeed write these guides. Don’t give her a hard time if it takes a little while for the guides to arrive. As I understand, she’s determined to give you the best information she can, now that she’s decided to give you these guides.
Anyway, I’m in luck. Saeliyagil decided, as the kin leader and founder, that  we’ll have a kin house in the Shire, so I’ll have a (shared) home to return to when I come back to the Shire for a visit.

There have been so many developments while I’ve hardly left the Shire, or so it seems. And I’ve even hardly participated in any adventures! I think, as it seems, that’s all part of the journey. But now that I’ve got a few things settled, I think I’ll continue on my journey again.

Now that I’ve shared my latest stories with you all, I’m curious to know how you are all doing? I hope you’re having a great time. Are you participating in the latest festivities as well or are you perhaps traveling through Middle-earth? Have fun!

Warm regards,



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