Scheduled server downtime: Monday October 15th, 2012

Riders of Rohan Preview

Riders of Rohan Preview with Courtesy to Casual Stroll to Mordor

Hey all,

Just a quick note to let you all know that there will be a scheduled Game server downtime on Monday October 15th, 2012 At 06:00 AM AM Eastern Time. This is for the update of Riders of Rohan! Times for all time zones are:

  • USA: 06:00 AM Eastern Time. I assume you guys know your timezones πŸ™‚
  • Europe:
    • GMT: 10:00 AM
    • WET: 11:00 AM
    • CET: 12:00 AM
    • EET: 13:00 AM
  • Asia
    • India Time Zone: 15:30 PM (GMT +5.5)
    • Japan Time Zone: 19:00 PM (GMT +9)
    • Singapore Timezone: 18:00 PM (GMT +8)
    • China: 18:00 PM (GMT +8)
  • Australia
    • AWST: 18:00 PM (GMT+8)
    • ACST: 19:30 PM (GMT +9,5)
    • AEST: 20:00 PM (GMT +10)

Since this is a large update, no end time has been announced. Keep in mind the client will need to download the entire new content so it may take quite a while before you’ll be able to login. And of course…. Loads of people are going to try and log in…. Might take a long while (counting in hours) before you’re able to log in. I’ve seen reports of 12 hours before people were able to log in after the last expansion, so be warned, perhaps it will be Tuesday European time before you’ll be able to log in.

Patch notes should become available during the update. If and when they do, I’ll try to keep you updated πŸ™‚

Per Sapience’s advice:

We strongly recommend against “leave the client program up and let it do its thing on its own” as it will almost 100% hang your client, fail to patch, and require a restart when you do finally get back around to checking in on it. It will however, add load to the patch server for no reason(because you are likely to hang), slowing everyone else down.

What will you do during the downtime? I think I’m going to take loads of screenshots for a few things I have in mind today and tomorrow and write about it Monday. And perhaps I’ll bake a cake…. Yeah, it will take a while since I have to bake in a special pan on the gas instead of in the oven. I still have to figure out how I can make it… good πŸ™‚


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2 comments on “Scheduled server downtime: Monday October 15th, 2012

  1. Williepot Doriathian, Hobbit Ballad Master and Lord of “The Hollow Kings” thanks You! I felt kinda fuzzy after finding but one comment about the update, that is before this. It was in german, but I understood some of it despite IΒ΄m from Finland. How long, how long does it take…? GMT+2 and did You mean 01.00a.m.??! or 13p.m.?

    • GMT = Greenwich Meantime. +2 was noon German time. I think I’ll include the regions in stead of the abbreviations of the regions next time. That shold make it more obvious. Thanks for the pointer πŸ™‚
      Right now you can activate the client again. It will download and apply all updates. If you’re lucky you can log in after that. Keep in mind there might be a long waiting time before you’ll be able to log in. Loads of people all want to log in today πŸ™‚

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