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Update 8, Official Release notes Riders of Rohan are up!

Hey all,

I just noticed the official release notes are up! A few highlights for you:

  • The Epic Story continues! Even if you don’t have the Lothlórien quest pack, you’ll still be able to continue the Epic story. The Developers have made that sure through a little “work around”. With this part of the Epic Story, Volume III continues with the books “Book 7 – A Fellowship Endangered”, “Book 8 – Into the Riddermark” and “Book 9 – The Third Marshal”. Loads to discover and do!
  • The Eastern Rohan Region is finally there! Rohan is not yet completely build, so we’ll get to the point of the Entwash River.
  • Mounted Combat. I’ve seen things of this and it looks awesome!
  • Warbands: Interesting to see foes mounted as well.
  • Warsteeds. As a part of mounted combat of course. And for all the players who love playing with outfits, the war steeds can have their own outfits and can even be dyed!
  • New Crafting Tier: Eastemnet
  • Level Cap raise to level 85
  • Hytbold rebuild
  • And much, much more!

There is way too much info to incorporate it all here, so please visit the official release notes here.

Right now it’s all a wait for Riders of Rohan to go live. It would be wonderful if we could just visit the new region with all levels, but alas, that’s not possible. It will be quite a while before I’ll be able to see it all with my own eyes. So far the screenshots look terrific!

Have fun!


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One comment on “Update 8, Official Release notes Riders of Rohan are up!

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