Crafting: Becoming an Apprentice Farmer


I’ve gotten very good responses on my previous guide, Chocoholic told me, so I think the next step can be taken. Take a seat next to the field here. I’ll work and tell you all about becoming a proficient Apprentice farmer, cause I don’t have time to sit down and write an extensive guide about. If you’ve got questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I understand from Chocoholic it’s something you guys like to do, ask questions. I noticed Chocoholic indeed posted pictures and included extra notes in my earlier guide. They actually improved my guide, so I kept them in. Expect her to do the same now! She’s always one to try to make something better.

Let’s get started, shall we? I’ve got a few orders from cooks waiting to be finished. No time to waste.

Products to make
For a farmer it’s always good to team up with a cook. A cook can always use anything you produce. Sapphiya, a friend of mine, asked me to prepare a bunch of products for her to use in cooking practice. She didn’t know exactly what she had to use because she’s no cook yet, she wants to become one in the future. So I contact Sheherezi. I know she’s reached the highest possible tier and rank in both Farming and cooking, so I was sure she could give me some advice. She advised me to make Bundles of Spring Barley , since Sapphiya will need this to make Pies. So, that’s what I’ve done.
If you prefer to make something else, go ahead. Perhaps there’s a cook who can use the onions or something else. If they want a product for which you don’t have a recipe yet, ask Largo. Perhaps he has some recipes lying around for you.

When have you made enough?

Apprentice Farmer Proficiency

You may have noticed some farmhands near all farm fields. They keep an eye you, whether you like it or not. What I can advice you is to plant the fields, harvest the crops and get the best products from the crops. Once you’ve shown you have enough experience, you’ll be granted the title of Apprentice Farmer. And believe me, those farmhands… they know exactly when you have enough experience. Even when you think they’re not watching you! If you’re a good farmer, you’ll get more crops than one from a single field. Oh, I know, there are farmers who only get one crop from a field, but they really don’t have their heart set to it. You have to really want it and then you can make it happen. To make a good start, I decided to buy 10 seeds, 10 buckets of water and 10 handful of fertilizer. It turns out Farming is something I can do quite good. Of course I already knew that, after all, I’ve been farming at home for quite a long time. But it’s good to see it confirmed by experts. After practicing for a while I was given the official title of Apprentice Farmer. I was told I could now use a pile of Rivendell Soil to improve my results and get a Well-tended field while farming. Perhaps that’s something I’ll try in the future, cause I saw that soil isn’t cheap. It’s 48 bronze coins for one pile!It might be worth it to use it, though. They say I’ll get more crops and perhaps more herbs and straws when I use this particular soil. Right now I’m not really interested in more herbs and straw. More crops is interesting, but with an average of 3 crops per field I think I’m already doing quite well!

With 9 seeds I got 33 crops  and a few Sprigs of Allspice  again. I could get 132 bundles of Spring Barley out of those 33 crops, so that was excellent. Why didn’t I use the 10 seeds I bought, you ask? Well, I tend to take it slow, so I examined the  results per field. As it turned out I got the Apprentice title after these results, so apparently they think I’ve shown a good experience.
I’m sure Sapphiya will be delighted to use both the Bundles of Spring Barley and the Sprigs of Allspice. Sheherezi told me Sapphiya might get better results with the Sprigs of Allspice!

Note from Chocoholic: Each field will give you 6 experience points. Each crop will give you 4 experience points. That’s at least 10 experience points per seed you buy. You’ll need 200 points in total to become an apprentice farmer. Experience learns you don’t need to buy 19 seeds (190 points left after you’ve made the first onion). Start with 10 seeds, like Rosangiya did. You’ll usually get a lot more crops then 10 and with these crops you’ll get more experience points. I usually manage to get an average of 3 crops per seed when I time my farming. I know there are people who’ll only make the fields for leveling, but in that case you’d need 32 seeds, 32 buckets of water and 32 hands full of fertilizer to become an apprentice. And thus you’d have much higher costs. And no, in reality I didn’t “examine the results” after each field. That would take way too much time 😀

For your first field you got all the ingredients from Largo. The rest you have to buy yourself. Previously I told you to use the Inferior Farming Tools until they’re broken. When you’re practicing your farming, they will break. Largo has got spare tools at hand and they’re much better than those inferior tools. If you ask politely, he might sell them to you. He sold one set of tools to me so he is willing to do that.
For apprentice farmers the costs break down as followed:
1 Apprentice Crop Seed: 20 bronze coins
1 Bucket of Water: 4 bronze coins
1 Handful of Fertilizer: 4 bronze coins
1 set of Farming Tools: 2 Silver Coins
To reach the Apprentice status of Farming your costs will be (assuming you start with 10 sets of ingredients):
4 silver and 80 bronze coins.

Note from Chocoholic: If you’d only make fields you’re costs would roughly 3 times higher.

What to do with your produce?
Well, Cooks are always looking for excellent farming products, so be sure to contact one to see if he or she can use it. Otherwise simply sell it to the farmhands. They’ll make sure the produce gets to the right people. For the roughly 130 bundles of Spring Barley I could get 3 silver and 90 bronze coins if I sold it to Largo. However Sheherezi suggested I’d ask Sapphiya to make me some pies instead. The result would be much better in the end!
You could also sell you produce in the Auction House. So far I haven’t looked into that option, so I don’t know what your profit might be. If you decide to try it, please let me know your experiences!

Note from Chocoholic: Leveling does cost some money, but in the end it can really pay of. Now, if you’d only make the fields, the crops would give you a profit of 96 bronze coins (32 fields with an average crop result of 3 crops per field).

Have fun farming and don’t forget to share your experiences!


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