Problems with lotro client after hotfix of October 17th?

Hey all,

Do you have problems with your client after the hotfix of October 17th? Things like client crashing/freezing while playing or while changing characters (logging out) or exiting the game? Then post it in the official forum!

Keep the following official advice in mind:

1. DISABLE ALL PLUGINS.(At least one plugin has been shown to cause client crashes since Update 8).
If you haven’t, won’t or aren’t able to disable your plugins, please do not post. If you have, move on to step 2.

2. Make sure your Video and Sound drivers are up to date (we have had reports from players that this resolved the issue for them).

3. If #1 and #2 did not resolve your issue, make the following changes.

  • A. Options > Troubleshoot > Engine Speed to “Medium” (and restart)
  • B. Options > ADV Graphics > Texture Detail to “Medium” (and restart).

4. If still no improvement, please follow the directions in this thread to include your “DXDIAG” data in your post and post a confirmation that you have completed all of these steps and whatever improvement may have occurred.

My personal experience with this:

I’ve updated my video driver. Let the game detect the settings automatically and then adjusted the graphics to the lowest possibilities. I disabled ALL plugins. That seemed to work.  Turbine Tech Support told me I’d probably have to play with these very low settings until I’ve upgraded my system. Well, that’s gonna take about half a year or so… Too bad I can’t enjoy the game to the fullest until then, but at least I can play it.
I’ve slowly started to enable certain plugins. Currently for me the following plugins work:

  • HugeBag
  • BusyBee

Moormap and Waypoint seem to give problems. I know waypoint is updated, but moormap isn’t. I’m not sure which one causes the troubles, cause when I only activate Moormap, waypoint is somehow activated too…. Weird.

Anyway, if there’s more information, I’ll post it here too!


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3 comments on “Problems with lotro client after hotfix of October 17th?

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  2. It sounds as though you either positioned the icon at a location where it is now behind another screen element or you deselected the “Show Icon When Minimized” checkbox in the Options panel. First, load MoorMap. Next enter “/moormap show” in the chat window – that will force the main window to display. Now click the gear button in the top left. On the Options window, be sure the “Show Icon when Minimized” option is selected. If you have the “Use Mini Icon” option selected then you will be looking for a small circular icon (16×16) which looks like a tiny square map in a circle instead of the larger square map(32×32) icon. If you are using the mini icon and do not have the “Mini Icon is Opaque” selected then the icon is semi-transparent until you mouse over it which makes it less intrusive but also harder to find if you forgot where you put it. If you are using the larger icon, it is always semi-transparent until you mouse over it. If you change any settings, click “Save” and then close the Options window (the options window is supposed to close automatically after clicking Save or Cancel but is currently bugged, this is a known issue ) If you are still unable to find the icon, you can reset the moormap settings (this will not affect your custom annotations) by deleting the “MoorMapSettings.plugindata” file in the “My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings OnlinePluginDatausernameAllServers” folder. Be sure you have the plugin unloaded when deleting this file (it is best to simply close the game client). When you next load the plugin all of the settings will be back to defaults and the icon will be back at the bottom left corner. (Note, in ver 1.18 and higher you will have to hold the Control key to move the icon). I will probably be adding a “flash” feature to the icon to make it easier to find since this seems to be a common issue lately.

    • Thank you for your comments on Moormap. However, my problem is not the mini icon not showing/not able to see it. It’s the plugin causing my client to crash, I think. It’s too bad, but alas… Also, the Moormap is not updated since January this year, so until it’s updated, I won’t install it.

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