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Shades of Grey

Hymne is absolutely right in her opinion that this cosmetic system is over-the-top price wise. It’s incredible. It seems Turbine wants more income…. They’ve “adjusted” several prices, i.e. the inventory bags more then doubled (for 2 weeks you have it for the old price then it’s 995 per bag!!!).
And why can’t scholars make these dyes? After all, we can already make the dyes for equipment and other cosmetics so why not too for Warsteeds? It’s a shame.

Here’s the Forum thread for a petition to lower the prices for the warsteed dyes.

In that thread QuartermasterL posted the following Explanation:

The pricing for the war-steed dyes is based on the fact that they are not consumable items. You are purchasing the ability to permanently unlock the color options for your steeds on a particular character. So you will be able to switch your colors as often as you like on that character.

Apparently this is not correct as Norwrei pointed out:

That’s not exactly true. Same colors cannot be used on both equipment and steed. Black must be purchased twice for the same steed!

Tirian-Hammerfist made a rough calculation of all of the costs for the colors for the warsteeds if you take a maxed colorization:

So I’d just like to point out how truly extortionate these prices are (I can’t remember how many dye packs there are exactly, going with 6, but the point stands if its only 5, or is 7):

595TP (there or there abouts) for each dye pack. (So for the calculation of big numbers, which we’re going to get to, say 600)

There are 6 dye packs for the hair colour. So 6 x 600 = 3600TP.

However, then for body colour, we also have to pay that amount all over again. So 3600 x 2 = 7200TP.

And then, say you have a minimum of two characters in Rohan. 7200TP x 2 = 14400TP. (or thereabouts, maybe heading down towards 12700 if you take off all the 5s…)

14,400. We’re now talking double/triple expansion size… (And just imagine with 4 characters, or even 9 – anyone got ~65,00TP?)

I couldn’t agree more with him. These prices are outrageous! And he made one excellent point in another post:

A good point has just been made on Evernight’s GlobalLFF channel – wasn’t one of the features of the expansion that was advertised (AND THAT WE ALL PAID FOR) was ‘customize your warsteed’? Surely the colours are an essential part of that, otherwise its false advertising…

I wonder what would happen if you’d brought this to court (or whatever) in Europe. Neelie Smith-Croes is havely against false advertising and gives high penalties on things that are unfair to customers.

Frickinmuck also made a great statement:

Another point no one seems to have mentioned yet is, if the dyes are overpriced, then we have a lot less incentive to buy the extra cosmetic mount slots. The more access we have to customization options, the more we will want to create and save outfits for our war-steeds.

Current suggestions for improvement made by players:

  • Lower the prices of the dyes (i.e. 100 TP per dye like the equipment & cosmetics dyes)
  • Permanently unlock the color options for your steeds ACCOUNTWIDE instead of per character. (In that case a price pof 595 TP seems reasonable
  • Drops ingame, from quest or mobs
  • Ability to purchase each color separately instead of in a set pack.
  • Allow Eastemnet level scholars to make War-steed cosmetics dyes (this, to me, seems very logical. After all, all the “normal” dyes which you can buy in the store can be made by scholars).
  • Keep the pack, but let us choose the four colors instead of a given set of colors and make it account-wide. That way people would be more interested in buying more/all packs as a life-time investment.
  • Make one dye pack (for both horse hair and horse body) free.
  • Gear dye one color consumables in game crafting/in store just like existing character gear, using one consumable per peice of gear.
  • Gear dye permanent one color at a time in store, 250 per color per character (maybe more if consumables are available).
  • Horse hide colors one color at a time, 250 per color per character OR horse hide color packs 950 account wide.

Well, I signed the petition and I hope many of you will do the same!

Cosmetic Lotro

This is my first Riders of Rohan blog post and I’m not really sure how to start it off, because I never expected to be saying the things I am going to say. My first Rohan post was supposed to be a happy post. A post showing off my new warsteed in awesome colours with a mix-‘n-match outfit. A first post of many, sharing  the amazing new possibilities using the warsteed outfit system. Unfortunately, this is not to be. Not because the new warsteed customization options aren’t there, but because those options require a hefty sum of real life money to be accessed.

If I were to give only one of my characters access to all warsteed colours, it would cost me more than the entire Riders of Rohan legendary expansion, over $70. Given the fact that I have four characters going into Rohan, I would need $280 to give…

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