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Lotro Store Sales: Crafting!!! Sale October 19th – 25th 2012

The Lotro Store has several crafting items on sale!

  • Ingredient packs for Tier 1 – 7 (NOT FOR TIER 8!):
    Spending too much valuable time searching for miscellaneous crafting ingredients scattered throughout Middle-earth? Can’t locate a vendor? Take advantage of one stop shopping in the LOTRO Store and get back to crafting! Ingredient Packs are used in place of traditional ingredients, so stop the search and get to work on your recipes! Applies to Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master, Supreme and Westfold profession tiers.
    Prices are now 20 – 140 TP (old prices: 25 – 175 TP)
  • Relic Packs (level 50+):
    Make your Legendary Item more powerful by upgrading your relic’s tier! Refining relics will also yield shards, which can be used to create unique relics, legacy scrolls, and more! Tier 7 & 8 are not included!
    Prices are now 40 – 1980 TP (old prices: 50 – 2475 TP)
  • Crafting Guild Access:
    Improve your chosen profession by unlocking a Crafting Guild progression! Crafting Guilds provide additional paths of advancement for many professions. Membership in a crafting guild is exclusive – you may only be a member of one at a time. Available to Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker professions. With this access pass you’ll get access above Expert level as a free or premium player. This is free for VIP’s!
    Prices are now 236 TP (old price: 295 TP)
  • Scrolls of craft Acceleration:
    Use a Scroll of Craft Acceleration to gain a bonus to experience earned from crafting! Affects all Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker recipes.
    Prices are now 60 – 316 TP (old prices: 75 – 395 TP)

I’m not sure yet, whether to buy the Crafting Guild access now. I’m also saving my TP for a few questpacks. Decisions to make….

A little warning for those who were saving their TP for Inventory bags: The prices have been doubled! As of October 29, 2012 all bags will be 995TP. Currently bag 4 and 5 are on sale for the old price (495 TP). So, if you need these and you have the TP, buy them before you have to pay the double price! Here’s Sapience’s official statement (October 18th, 2012) about that:

All bags had their prices set to be the same. Instead of the sliding scale players disliked so much where more storage cost more money. Now a bag, regardless of whether it’s 4, 5, or 6 costs 995. Because we did not want to have players who may have taken a break from the game or who were waiting to purchase all the bags at once, to take a significant hit in costs, we put the bags that had previously been 495, but are now 995, on sale for 495. End result ZERO increase in prices for those who came back and bought the bags. 0.

Now, in a couple of weeks those sales will expires. Absolutely. On October 29th, the sale will end and then yes ALL bags will have a flat cost. So a bag will be 995 regardless of whether its bag 4 or 5 or 6.

Have fun and let me know your experiences with the above items!


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One comment on “Lotro Store Sales: Crafting!!! Sale October 19th – 25th 2012

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