Crafting becoming a Master Apprentice Farmer

Rosangiya selecting Bundles of Spring Barley

Ah, good, I see that you are still here. Watching me farm wasn’t boring for you? Good, I hope you’ve learned a lot from watching me do this. No, I won’t put you to the test. I know the farmhands will do that thoroughly, so I won’t invest any time in testing you. I can, however, invest some time in teaching you how to become a Master Apprentice Farmer. I’ve finished a few of my orders, so now I can relax a bit. This last order is for Sapphiya. I can take my time with it, cause she’s determined to go on adventures first before continue working on her cooking skills.

Products to make
Like I told you earlier, it’s always good to team up with a cook. I told Sheherezi about my produce from earlier. She told me it was a good amount, but Sapphiya would need a lot more to learn her cooking skills properly. So, I continued to make Spring Barley. Sheherezi also gave me the tip it wouldn’t matter for me personal which product I would make. The farmhands will simply monitor everything I make and determine my experience based on their observations. So, if you want to make something else, please, go ahead and do so!

Better results (A.K.A. Critical success)
If you’re determined to try to get better results then normal, you may want to try to use Piles of Rivendell Soil . This is the extra ingredient you are allowed to use now you’re an apprentice farmer. So far the highest amount of crops I’ve gotten from a single field of Spring Barley is 9 crops. A staggering amount, isn’t it? I was told the amounts could be higher if you use this special soil. When you use this soil you will always have a so-called Well-tended field and with these well-tended fields you can reap a higher produce. Or so they say. It is also possible you could get more Bundles of Straws  and Sprigs of Allspice  from a Well-tended than from a normal field. Or so they say.
I wonder if it’s true. I’ve already had well-tended fields without using the soil, the farmhands pointed out, and I haven’t gotten any higher results from them. In fact I had a well-tended field from which I got exactly 1 crop and nothing else. So I don’t think this is better. Perhaps I should put it to the test one day. Just to see if what they say is true. What do you think? Looking at you all nodding, I should indeed test it someday. Hmmm… I’ve got to save a nice amount of money to properly test it.

Oh, earlier I told you cooks can use the Sprig of Allspice. You see this Bundle of Straw? Weaponsmiths can use this to make traps for hunters, Sheherezi told me. Handy, isn’t it? Now, personally I’m not  a hunter, but I know someone who is, and I think she’ll be happy with some extra possibilities for better hunting.

Note from Chocoholic: Actually, in the basis, you have a 5 % chance to get a well-tended field per seed if you DON’T use a Pile of Rivendell Soil. (It’s not 5 % of the total fields you make. It’s a 5 % chance for each field you make!). If you use the Rivendell Soil you have a 100 % chance to get a well-tended field per seed. I have not yet tested the amount of crops, Sprig of Allspice and Bundle of Straw you get from using the soil. That is something for the future. The droprate of the Bundle of Straw and Sprig of Allspice is unknown, but rumored to be very low.

One warning: The Critical success will NOT give you more experience points! I know Rosangiya originally hoped the critical success would prove to the farmhands she really deserved the title Master Apprentice, but alas, that’s not the case.

Critical success for the crops gives you the double amount of produce. I. E. you will receive 8 bundles of Spring Barley instead of 4 from one crop. With the grains you have 5% chance for Critical Success and there’s no extra ingredient you can use to get a higher chance. There are better tools however. Methalsmiths can make these tools. That is something Rosangiya will test in the future.

When have you made enough?
Like before, the farmhands will keep a keen eye on you. They will determine if you have made enough progress to earn the title of Master Apprentice Farmer. I had heard rumors you might have to work twice as hard and show a higher amount of produce to prove you’re ready for the title of Master Apprentice Farmer. That’s why I decided to buy 20 more seeds and of course the accompanying buckets of water and hands full of fertilizer. I was bound to get more crops this way, right? You doubt that, right? Yes, there’s no need to deny it, I can see it in your face. Let me prove you wrong.

But before I prove you wrong, let me give you a warning. Today I heard someone tell they’d simply plant as many fields as possible before harvesting the results. If you try to do that, you may find some of your fields have withered away. You can NOT just let your fields sit there!

Note from Chocoholic: In fact you can plant a maximum of 4 fields and start harvesting before the first one disappear. There IS a timer on the fields!

Now I’ve warned you about that, let me tell you about my experiences in becoming a Master Apprentice. It turned out I only needed 17 seeds Apprentice Crop Seed. These gave me a few Sprigs of Allspice, a Bundle of Straw and 71 fair crops of Spring Barley  which in return gave me 300 bundles of Spring Barley . The farmhands were very impressed and agreed with me I really deserved the title Master Apprentice Farmer.

Note from Chocoholic: If you decide to only make fields, you’ll need to make 67 fields (with 400 points to cover). Thus you need 67 seeds, buckets of water and hands full of fertilizer.

Of course you’d like to know what it will cost you to train your farming skills. As I said, I started out with 20 seeds. I assume you will do the same. You’ll use the same ingredients as you did to become an apprentice farmer, so the costs break down is as followed:
1 Apprentice Crop Seed: 20 bronze coins
1 Bucket of Water: 4 bronze coins
1 Handful of Fertilizer: 4 bronze coins
You may have noticed I didn’t mentioned the Farming Tools. If you’re doing a good job, you won’t need to repair them, nor will you need to buy new ones. That’s why I haven’t included them here. Now, to reach the Master Apprentice status of Farming your costs will be (assuming you start with 10 sets of ingredients):
 5 silver and 60 bronze coins.

Note from Chocoholic: If you decide to make only the fields, your costs will be roughly 3 times higher. I expect you need to have your tools repaired at least once, perhaps even twice. Repairing is cheaper than buying new tools. A new set of tools will cost you 2 silver, while repairing your tools costs 1 silver and 44 bronze. Broken tools  CAN be repaired, so don’t worry 🙂 If you hover your mouse over the tools, you’ll see that they’re durability has dropped to 0. That’s okay.

Broken Inferior Farming Tools

What to do with your produce?
Since Sapphiya needs a lot of Spring Barley, I decided to give it all to her. Of course you can give it to any cook you like, sell it to the farmhands or perhaps sell it on the Auction House. If I had decided to sell my produce to Largo, I would have gotten about 9 silver coins. This surely seems to pay off a bit, doesn’t it? Invest 6 Silver coins and receive 9 silver coins.

The Sprigs of Allspice and Bundles of Straw can be sold to the farmhands for respectively 3 bronze coins and 6 bronze coins. You might get more from traveling hobbits or in the Auction House. I don’t have any experience with that.

Note from Chocoholic: Leveling does cost money here too. If you go for the bundles, you might actually have a little profit. If you decided to go only for the fields, you will have about 200 crops (IF you time your farming!) and this will give you 2 silver.

Have fun farming and don’t forget to share your experiences!


3 comments on “Crafting becoming a Master Apprentice Farmer

  1. Another fun yet helpful guide…Tsuhelm is using superior farming tools and he can harvest 5 fields before they fade…maybe he can get more…if wife lets me will play around some more tonight!

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