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Spring Barley Field


The Field
This field has to be planted on Grain Farmlands. You can use both basic and superior farmlands for this field.

Ingredients for this particular field are:

  • Apprentice Crop Seed Apprentice Crop Seed
  • Bucket of Water Bucket of Water
  • Handful of Fertilizer Handful of Fertilizer
  • Pile of Rivendell Soil (optional)

Harvesting this field gives the following harvest:

  • Fair Spring Barley Crop (Always)
  • Sprig of Allspice (Uncommon)
  • Bundle of Straw (Rare)

Critical success
Once you’ve reached the mastery rank, you have a 5% chance at Critical success per field if you don’t use a mastery ingredient. If you use a mastery ingredient (Pile of Rivendell Soil) you have a 100% Chance of Critical Success.
Critical Success is getting a well-tended field. This will NOT give you extra crafting experience points. It may give you a higher produce and more by-products, but there’s not a guarantee for that.

Used by
Fair spring barley crop: Farmers to make Bundles of Spring Barley.
Sprig of Allspice: Cooks to get a chance on Critical Success with Apprentice Recipes.
Bundle of Straw: Weapon smith to make several kind of traps for Hunters.


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