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Well-known employees Clover and Graalx2 are leaving Turbine

Hey all,

With the layoffs Turbine is doing, two well-known and very much appreciated employees are gone… Clover and Graalx2. It is such a shame they do this!

Graalx2 Goodbye post:

The Road goes ever on and on….

I am moving on from Turbine and I wanted to thank all of you for a wonderful experience. The creation of the Warden class is the one thing I am most proud of during my time at Turbine. I will always remember Steve, cookys, ferrets and all of your wonderful stories about becoming Wadens.

And whither then? I cannot say.

Message from Clover (Suzie Owen) on Twitter:

Suzie Owen Suzie Owen ‏@OSuzie

Looking for work in the Boston – Providence area any links would be most appreciate. I am unable to relocate at this time.

We all wish you the best in your future careers!

How many more well-known and much appreciated employees do we have to miss?


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One comment on “Well-known employees Clover and Graalx2 are leaving Turbine

  1. why couldn’t it be zombie columbus? that guy is a useless ahole.

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