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Lotro Lotteries will be back :)

Hey all,

Celestrata announced the lotteries will be back. There was an issue with it and to quote her:

So I’ve checked into this, and it seems that we need to take a small lottery break. There’s a slight issue with the lottery system, but we have a fix ready and it will be rolling out next Tuesday. Until then, we’re going to miss the weekend lotteries.

Sorry about that guys!

I simply love the picture she had put in a later post so I wanted to include it here too 🙂

This image sparked a whole other subject:

In what role do you remember Sean Bean the best?

Personally, I’ll remember him  best for two roles: Richard Sharpe and Boromir. I think the first time I truly saw him, was as Richard Sharpe. I loved that character! Of course he was also great as Boromir.

In what role will YOU remember him best?


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