My.Lotro is going to be adjusted… Big time

Hey all,

After half a year I’m checking out the Lotro forums. As it turns out it’s good I do that. I just discovered a lot is going to be changed. The forums itself are going to have a work-around as Sapience just posted.

And the entire site is going to be set up differently. Important things:

  • Forums will stay, but will be re-organized
  • Lorebook will be discontinued. Well, with Crafting Tier 8 introduced more then half a year ago and no recipe to be found of tier 8, I don’t think it’s such a loss on that part. Unfortunately thoug, this also means cplayer created guides will disappear. Now that IS something I will miss. I hope people who created the guides will be able to download them, cause there were some excellent guides.
    To those who have created guides: Please, please, please download them!!!
  • Current Blogging functionality will be discontinued. Well, I never was able to use it do to all the problems, so no real loss there.
  • Character and Guild data will be discontinued. It seems loads of people are upset about that. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never really done anything with the data because I keep my character in an excel overview, that I don’t really see a problems with that. But apparently it’s a big thing for kinship leaders and people who play in the Ettenmoors. Okay, I am a kinship leader (The Craftoholics), but I don’t see the asset of the info on the site. Maybe I should have digged deeper into the subject.
  • The Lotro Referral system is going to be revamped. I wonder what that will bring. I truly hope Facebook or Twitter won’t be the main systems for that, because I hardly use Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lotro Lotteries are going to be changed too. They will come back though!

Well, all in all it may be good, but I’m not sure. I think I’m going to see about these player created guides. Perhaps I can somehow download or copy them, at least for my own convenience and reference.

Have fun everyone!


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

11 comments on “My.Lotro is going to be adjusted… Big time

  1. er…did you say, ‘I keep my character in an excel overview.’ Wow. How?

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