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My.Lotro Guides backup as PDF part IV

Hey all,

Like I said earlier, I’ve started backing up plaer created guides. Here’s the next batch of guides I’ve backed up. Remember, if you’d like one of the guides, just fill out the contact form. Let me know which guide(s) you’d like and I’ll send it to you!
New back ups:

  • Dungeons of Dol Guldur
  • Guide to Dol Guldur Instance Cluster by Brushfire
  • Sammath Gûl by ?
  • Watcher Walkthrough or Vile Maw by Eomin of the Preying Mantis
  • A Basic Combat Primer for Fellowships by Surlek2112: Forum Discussion
  • Beginners Guide to Fellowship Maneuvers by ?
  • Mechanics:Fellowship Maneuvers by ?
  • Introduction to Grouping by ?

Some of these guides might be (slightly) outdated, but I thought I’d back them up anyway. You never know how or when they’ll come in handy. And some are, even though a bit outdated, still very useful!

There were guides I didn’t back up. To me they weren’t useful or interesting. Mind you, that’s my personal opinion! Just to be complete, these are the guides I didn’t back up:

  • Sword Halls: this was such a short guide…. I haven’t beena ble to play any instances yet, but I have seen guides about other instances and I can imagine a longer guide would be of better help to me.
  • Warg Pens: Idem dito

This was part IV of the backup. More backups are coming!

Have fun!


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