Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand: Issues

Hey all,

Well, the update is still taking place and already there are known issues: Sapience just posted them:

QT Launcher
The Play button in the launcher will sometimes not work, preventing you from accessing the game. Changing your language setting and then changing it back will allow you to log in properly.

Hmmm, gotta keep that in mind once the update is finished. Nooooo Panic……..

Mounted Combat
Infinite Cowbell! Using a cowbell while in mounted combat will cause the audio to infinitely loop until logout. You did want more cowbell, right?

Errrr…. nope, didn’t want continuous cowbell sound. Didn’t order that. Luckily for me I’m nowhere near mounted combat, so I guess I don’t have to worry about that. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed by the time I get to mounted combat.

Mithril Coins
‘Get More Mithril Coins’ button not translated in French/German clients.

Luckily for me I’m not French/German speaking. I’m using the English client so I won’t “suffer” from that.

Major Ballad – Healing does not crit when in Melody stance.

Hmmm, I gotta check to see if my minstrel already had Major Ballad. I don’t think so, but otherwise it’s something to keep in mind.

Monster Play
High ranking food does not scale appropriately.

I don’t do monsterplay, so no problem for me 🙂

The quest Scylfig: Celebration Feast is not currently available to players.

I’m guessing this is for some kind of event? After all, it’s a celebration feast, right? I assume it will become avialable once the event is there?

There are no patch notes posted yet. Once I’ve found them, I’ll post them here too!



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