Lotro Client update & Hobbit Presents

Hey all,

Well, after loads of retrying the download/update/patch my client was finally updated and I could log in. Mind you, it too me all afternoon!

The way to get updated
Are you having troubles updating? Does the system “hang” while downloading the file? Go to the settings of your launcher. Check the tab Proxy settings and set it to the top setting (none). Close your launcher and restart it. If you happen to be on Windows 8, you might want to run it as an admin instead of a normal run.Now continue the download. Is it hanging again, close the launcher and reopen it. You might want to restart your computer before reopening the launcher again. Keep doing this until the download is complete and the patch begins. It may take a while, but the client will be updated in the end.

Logging might take a while too. When it says failed and retry, just wait until the counter hits zero. It will retry. Up until I could always log in after retry.

One  important note about the worlds: DO NOT TICK THE BOX PREVIOUSLY PLAYED! It will lead you to the first server instead of the server you previously played on. Somehow they didn’t fix that. Just wait until you’ve got the server list and choose the server of your choice.

Hobbit Presents
Now, onto a more pleasant subject. Update 11 comes with a nice present for everyone who logs in  every day: Hobbit Presents. If you have a Free to Play (F2P) or Premium account you will receive 1 silver present each day. This is a present PER ACCOUNT and it’s related to the LEVEL OF YOUR CHARACTER. It’s also Account bound on acquire. So make sure you think about which character you login with that day.

Let’s see what I’ve received so far. Yes, I’ve got six accounts, how else am I going to cover all my crafting needs and have fun in the game? 😀

Character Level

& Class

Shriya 21 – Hunter

Mathom-Hunter's Jacket

Mathom-Hunter’s Jacket

Saeliyagil 20 – Loremaster

3 Scrolls of Max Morale and Power (90 Minutes)

3 Scrolls of Max Morale and Power (90 Minutes)

Etheliyabur 15 – Burglar Same as Saeliyagil
Arwiyaeth 15 – Minstrel

3 +10% Run speed boost (90 Minutes)

3 +10% Run speed boost (90 Minutes)

Rosiya 13 – Hunter

Rejuvenation Potion

Rejuvenation Potion

Rosangiya 10 – Minstrel

Little pile of silver Scraps

Little pile of silver Scraps

So, how have you been doing? Did your update go smoothly? And how’s the logging going? And once you’re logged in, does everything run smoothly? What do you think about the Hobbit Presents? Any gifts worth noting?


About Ilse Mul

Junior Game Designer, Author, Lotro addict, Puzzle Pirates addict

7 comments on “Lotro Client update & Hobbit Presents

  1. WOW 6 accounts…how many characters? I struggle to keep track of my 6 chars…LOL

    • Currently I’ve got 14 characters. At the moment most of them are low leveled crafting alts. I’m using the alts to make crafting guides 🙂
      But with my new computer I found I can multibox, which makes it possible for me (at least in a, distant?, future) to get them all to other areas than the free starting areas.
      I like to try out all classes, so they’re all divided. This way I’ll have a good experience with all classes and professions in all areas in the future 🙂
      I refuse to use the multibox system in Ettenmoors though. I don’t think that’s fair …. But the multiboxing will be ideal in getting enough TP to get all the questpacks and expansion packs 🙂

      • i dream of multiboxing…but my (wife’s) comp although recently upgraded is still pushed by 1 ‘box’…

      • I’ve found IsBoxer (Dualboxing Software: http://dualboxingsoftware.com/). You do have to pay $50 for one year, but I’m thinking it’s worth it. I’ve tried it for 1 week and it’s good 🙂 Next up (with my next paycheck 😀 ) is a three month possibility. That’s only $15. A bit more doable at the moment. And they’ve already found a way around the last patch multibox problem. It’s good they officially support Lotro multiboxing. 🙂

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  3. […] Lotro Client update & Hobbit Presents (lotroadventures.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Lotro Client update & Hobbit Presents (lotroadventures.wordpress.com) […]

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