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HOTFIX didn’t fix my patch/update/download issues

Hey all,

With the HOTFIX finished about 3 hours ago (supposedly) I find the patch/update/download problem still isn’t solved. I’ve already restarted the launcher but to no avail. Currently the launcher is “updating” the same file for about an hour now:

Downloading file 14 of 728 (114106 bytes / 114106 bytes), 92 %

Sounds familiar? It’s because it is familiar. I wonder how the rest of the hotfix is going. Are the problems they said to fix, really fixed?

I’m taking these steps again to see if I can get the update finally downloaded and working:

  1. Close launcher
  2. Restart launcher and let the update process continue
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 when necessary.

What’s your experience with today’s HOTFIX?


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