Scheduled Server Downtime: Thursday, May 16, 2013: HOTFIX

Hey all,

It seems some issues will be solved today. There’s a HOTFIX planned:

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Thursday, May 16, 2013 for a hotfix. Maintenance will begin at 7:00AM Eastern US time (Click here for your local time) and is expected to take approximately 3 hours.

Right, I remember there was a hotfix or maintenance update last year where it took considerably longer than what they expected. Don’t hold your breath and keep in mind it might take longer than these three hours!

Posted by Sapience:

Update 11.0.1 Release Notes – Official


  • Addressed a specific performance issue with the QT launcher
  • Resolved an issue with a specific creature skill effect that would cause severe performance issues.

I really hope the addressed “Specific performance issue” will help people patch and login again. And will it help in ticking the “previously played world” checkbox in actually getting to the previously played server, or will I still enter Withywindle?



  • Scylfig: A Celebration Feast is now available to players.
  • The Rescue in Cuthbald’s Farm is once again available to players. You should be able to complete the quest normally.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing unexpected behavior with Disturbance at the Gate, Funeral in Forlaw and Thrymm’s Farm.


  • East Wall – South East of Mansig’s Encampment – Massive invisible object – blocks path


Defence of Scylfig

  • Addressed an issue that allowed fellowships to enter the instance causing various errors. This is a solo instance.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have access to these areas yet. We’ll need to wait and see if this hotfix will really fix the problems. I can’t imagine they won’t, but then again, why would they release an update with problems which were already known from the testserver Bullroarer? That doesn’t make sense to me either.

Anyway, I’ve got three hours to fill this afternoon. I think I can come up with a few things. What are you going to do during this HOTFIX?


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5 comments on “Scheduled Server Downtime: Thursday, May 16, 2013: HOTFIX

  1. Lucky me ..I will be working…or trying not to blog..have a training project deadline at 12!

    • And, how did the training project deadline go? Went by with success for you? I’ve been checking my screenshots for a few good pictures to my foresting guide. It seems I’ve missed a few. Now I need to check my intended foresting guide character to see if she’s actually started the profession already (which, if memory serves correctly, she has…). If she did I need to get another character of mine to give me the foresting pictures I need.
      I hope your training project went well!

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