Hobbit Presents May 19th

Hey all,

It’s been a rainy day today, in the Netherlands. Kinda like in Middle-Earth when I logged in to. But that didn’t stop me from being busy with Lotro. This weekend I have been working on a new layout. In the end I had to choose another theme, because the theme I had chosen didn’t exactly do what I wanted it to do. And I found this new theme which was even better.

So… I have had little time to do some actual updating here. The deeds need a lot of sorting out, so I’ll get to that later this week. For now I’ve got two new lists of Hobbit presents for you. Let’s see what I got these last two days, shall we? First of, the Sunday list:

Character Level & Class Other Possible Presents Present Received
Eadiyawynpackageicon 15 – Captain Fine Mathom-Hunter’s Gauntlets
Mathom-Hunter’s Breastplate
Reputation acceleration Tome
3 x 20% Mount Speed Boost

Little Pile of Silver Scraps

Little Pile of Silver Scraps

Ellydorasatchelicon 10 – Burglar Fine Mathom-Hunter’s Shoulder Pads
Mathom-Hunter’s Glove
Scroll of perfect crafting lore
Little pile of Silver Scraps

3 x 10% Run speed boost (90 minutes)

3 x 10% Run speed boost (90 minutes)



15 – Champion Rejuvenation Potion
+100% Craft XP Boost
Little pile of Gold scraps
3 x 10% Run speed Boost (90 minutes)
3 x scroll of Max morale and power (90 minutes)

3 x scroll of Max morale and power (90 minutes)



15 – Hunter Mathom-Hunter’s Helmet
Dale-Men’s Crams
Rejuvenation Potion
3 x Scroll of Max morale and power (90 minutes)

Tome of Defence

Tome of Defence

Sheherezisatchelicon 21 – Guardian Mathom-Hunter’s Greaves
+100% Craft XP Boost
Tiny pile of Silver Scraps
Rejuvenation potion

5 Dale-men's Crams

5 Dale-men’s Crams

As you may have noticed, I got one less present in comparison to the other days. I forgot to login one character. Which is too bad, because the present doesn’t carry over to the next day. Oh well, better luck next time. At least I logged in all my characters today! And you’ll read about them in the next post.

So, how have you been doing? Have you had any luck with getting great items?


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4 comments on “Hobbit Presents May 19th

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  3. Do you have a separate account for each character? I thought the Hobbit Presents were one per ACCOUNT per day, not per character. I have 8 alts, 6 of which I log in every day….yet I only get one silver present per day and one gold present [VIP/FOUNDER] per week.

    • Yes, I have several accounts. I’m a free player and I wanted to try out every class and every profession. I love to craft in games and being limited to two characters was just……
      Hence I needed more accounts. 😀
      With these accounts I have 2 or 3 characters (purchased 1 month sub) and I log them in on a rotating basis
      BTW, technically it’s 1 present per server, I’ve tested it. But since there are not many people with characters on multiple servers, I guess it’s easier for Turbine to state it’s 1 present per account.
      Have fun!

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