Multi-acounts & Multi-box in Lotro: Morally okay or not?

Hey all,

At the official forums I read a discussion about Gold Farming, Multiaccount using, Multi-boxing and cheating. There’s a lot that can be said about this subject. Let’s review a few things.

Let’s state the (kinda) obvious: I have multiple accounts. Why? Currently I’m a free player. I like to try out every class and I love, love, love to craft. So… needed more characters to try out all the crafting possibilities, including the crafting guilds. Can’t do that with only 2 characters. Hence the multi-accounting. Did I mention I love to craft? With the way Turbine set up the accounts (only 2 free character slots per account to start with and the rest has to be bought one way or the other), there’s no way a free player could enjoy everything. Of course, I do realize Turbine needs to make money and the character slots are one way to make money. But should that be a reason for free players to be limited to 2 characters? It’s not against the EULA to have more accounts.
Yes, just because it’s not forbidden in the EULA doesn’t make it automatically morally okay to have multiple accounts, but basically, where’s the harm in having multiple accounts (and thus multiple characters) if you can enjoy the game better this way? With multiple accounts I get the opportunity to experience (almost) all classes and all vocations/professions. I can participate in all crafting guilds and enjoy everything part of the crafting process. Which includes the grind to get materials, mind you!
I don’t really see a problem with this, but I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter of multi-accounts!

Now, here’s a true point of discussion, in my opinion. Let’s start with the basics. Lotro allows you to run multiple instances of the game. There’s a setting in the ini file you have to and CAN change and voila, you can run multiple instances of the game. If Turbine had wanted this to be forbidden, they should have made sure we couldn’t change such a setting. Now, I’m not an experienced programmer, but I can imagine this can be changed. Basically Turbine allows the multiboxing this way.
The question that arises is, “Is multiboxing cheating?” Let’s delve deeper into that subject, shall we?

Multi-boxing & Deeds
Now, I’ve only very recenly dabbled in multi-boxing (YES, my computer can finally handle Lotro and even multi-boxing! /* does the little happy dance */). With multiple accounts and multiple characters, I’d still like to play more content than only the starting areas, so I need to finish deeds. And let’s face it, deeds are truly a grindfest. Once you’ve killed 30 wolves for 5 Turbine Points, you’ll need to kill 60 more wolved to earn 10 more Turbine Points.
It will be faster (and more fun!) when I can use multiple accounts at the same time to grind the deeds and thus earn enough TP to buy the expansion packs and quest packs. Instead of having to do the deed run whith each character over and over again, with multi-boxing I’ll still have fun in the game which means I’ll probably play it for a longer time. Okay, so right now I may not help cover the bills, but every now and then I have some money left over and I can indeed buy a subscription or points or an expansion. And thus I would help cover the bills. And with having fun in this game, I write this blog, I talk to others about the game, you read the blog and perhaps you can afford a subscription or to buy points. And thus in the end there are more people who will pay Turbine for everything they do.
With Multi-boxing for deeding I don’t hurt another player, as far to my knowledge. I try to finish the deeds without getting in someone’s way. On the other hand, I do realize if I wouldn’t multi-box, I’d have to run each and every character through the deed places anyway. I think the last option would even be less favorable for other players, simply because they’d have to endure each of my characters doing the same deed and thus robbing them of “x” slugs, wolves or whatever.
So far I don’t see any harm in Multi-boxing. Do you agree with me? Or do you have another opinion about this particular part? Let’s move onto the next part of the Multi-boxing discussion.

Multi-boxing & Crafting
Do I get a lot of crafting items while fighting the monsters? Yes, I do. Do I sell them? Nope, currently I need them way too much for leveling my crafting and for keeping my characters in good condition. I think I wouldn’t even take the time to list the materials in the Auction House. Yeah…. that’s something I’ll probably need to rethink sometime in the future, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
If I’d ever decide to post materials in the AH, I wonder if I’d actually make so much money. I’ve seen people list items and materials for insane prices without any bids being placed. As you can make up a price, we’re all there ourselves to determine a good price for materials and items. If you’re not willing to pay the price, simply don’t buy it. Ask in your kin or in the trade channel if someone is willing to make/gather that what you need.
Perhaps that’s a naive way of thinking, but it’s the way I see it.
I think it’s safe to say there are enough monsters around for every player to kill without anyone being left out in the rewards. So when I multi-box I don’t think another player would get less crafting materials and thus have a disadvantage. Again, I don’t see any harm in Multi-boxing with regards to this particular point. What’s your opinion on that?

Multi-boxing & Gold Farming
As for gold farming… Once you’re done in the starting areas (not including Lone-Lands here), it’s quite easy to get good gold. I was working in Lone-Lands a few days ago (not multi-boxing, simply using only one character) and before I knew it I was level 28 (coming from level 22) and I had about 3 gold. All in a matter of a few hours. No need for cheating to get gold in my opinion.
I do realize, however, there are people/companies who will use multiple accounts and multi-boxing to actually do that: Farm Gold. Basically farming gold isn’t that much of a problem in the basics. If I’d have 100 gold, why would that be a problem for someone else? It becomes a problem when I do things with it that hurt other players. That’s what I call the first part of the Morally Wrong side of multi-accounting and multi-boxing. Things I can imagine:

  • Selling the account which has a lot of gold. Mind you this is against the EULA, if I’m correct, so that would be wrong no matter which way you look at it.
  • Selling the gold (yes, that happens too!). I’m not sure if this explicitly stated in the EULA, but I think it is. Even it’s not, I think it’s wrong!
  • Using this gold to control the market/auction house. There are people who have much more gold than what they could ever loose, so they’re willing to pay top-notch for items in the auction house. Is this a bad thing perse? It depends on how you look it. It could really disrupt the market. On the other hand, it’s also a more grey area. After all, isn’t supply and demand exactly what makes the market work?
  • Is there any other thing about gold farming which could be bad?

Multi-boxing & PvP (in other words: Ettenmoors, Creeps versus Freeps)
There’s one “issue” left: PvP. Now, with a max level of 28 I’m no way near Ettenmoors, but I can’t see myself multi-boxing there. If only for the reason I don’t think it’s fair to get a high rank due to multi-boxing and fighting my own characters with that. Will I ever go to Ettenmoors? No idea. But for myself I’ve made the decision to do Ettenmoors one character at a time if I ever decide to go there. But that doesn’t change my feeling that multi-boxing with the purpose of giving yourself a higher rank by basically defeating yourself (just another character of yours) is unfair. Now this is, in my opinion the second part of the Morally Wrong side of multi-accounting and multi-boxing. After all, apparently the ranks are quite important in Ettenmoors (at least for your reputation), so if you’d purposely defeat your own characters just to get a higher rank, this really doesn’t show your expertise in Ettenmoors, now does it?

I don’t oppose to Multi-accounting. I can perfectly understand the reasoning behind multi-accounting since I do it myself too.
I don’t oppose to Multi-boxing as long as it’s NOT for:
– Gold farming as stated above
– Getting yourself a higher rank through dishonest means (defeating your own character)
– Harming other players in other ways not yet mentioned above.

Edit to add:
I’ve found prove Turbine doesn’t mind multiboxing:

In the Official Forum, Lord Arathan asked about running two accounts at once. In this forum Sapience stated:

This is a bug and will be changed in “a” future update (probably not 11.1) to default to true. In the meantime, Crell’s comments are accurate and easy to do.

In this case the “this” is “allowmultipleinstances=false”. Crell’s comment was:

It simply requires adjusting a new preference file manually.
In your My Documents folder is a file called UserPreferences.ini

In it change the line that reads




and save!

If you cannot find this line, you are likely looking at the old file (In My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online, which is still used for other things. =)

Thought I’d should let you know.

What is your opinion about Multi-accounting and Multi-boxing in Lotro?


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5 comments on “Multi-acounts & Multi-box in Lotro: Morally okay or not?

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  2. […] on a solution for the Rank Farming. As you know, I’ve started Multi-boxing recently too and I’ve looked into the subject before I really started […]

  3. […] I told earlier, I’ve started dabbling into multiboxing with Lotro. I am aware of the conflicting opinions […]

  4. I think you have it right. One clarification on PVP. While entering the Moors as a freep, you should be near or very close to level cap. However you can enter the Moors once you reach level 10 as a Monster player, or Creep. Multiboxing on Monster player side is a lot less “profitable” as their is no crafting, mail box, bank, auction hall, etc. Mutliboxing as monster players usually involve either rank farming (no no) or special drop farming (loot boxes).

    • Thanks for the explanation. For someone who’s never been in the Moors, this certainly gives more insight 🙂

      I can imagine, seen your comment, why people don’t like multiboxing in the Moors.

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