Lotro Store sales: Questpacks!

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Hey all,

If you’re a free player like me and you’ve been grinding Turbine points, now is the time to cash some of them! Turbine has three questpacks on sale. And there’s more!:

  • Great River QP icon Selected questpacks:
    There are three questpacks for sale with a 20% discount: Lothlorien (100 quests, 1 instance, 1 raid for levels 55 – 61), Enedwaith (150 quests, 4 instances for levels 60 – 65) and Great River (over 170 quests, 1 instance for levels 70 – 75).
    Normal prices: Lothlorien is 695 TP, Enedwaith is 695 TP, Great River is 795. Discounted:  Both Lothlorien and Enedwaith: 556 TP. Great River: 636 TP. You’ll save: 437 TP! Okay, I’ve seen better discounts, but I think it’s quite descent. Still, I’m determined to grind enough TP so that I can buy the Eriador Questpack bundle (3995 TP).  This questpack includes Northdowns (595 TP), Trollshaws (595 TP), Evendim (595 TP), Misty Mountains (695 TP), Forochel (595 TP), Angmar (795 TP), Eregion (695 TP), Enedwaith, Great River. This would have been a total of 6055 TP. The Eridor QP saves me 2060 TP, which is a discount of 35%. The more I can save, the better it is. This will be a big grind though. If I’m correct I’ll need to run about 8 or 9 characters trough Bree-land, The Shire and Ered-Luin to get enough TP. But I’ll know what I’m doing it for.
  • Currency Cap RemovalPremium Wallet Upgrade:
    Purchasing this offer will allow you to move ALL barter items from your inventory and shared storage into the wallet permanently. This includes instance and skirmish tokens, region barter tokens, festival tokens, taxidermy barter items, legendary item barter tokens, crafting instance tokens and crafted runic barter items. This offer applies to all characters (existing and yet to be created) on all servers and must only be purchased once. Normal price is 995 TP. With discount you’ll only pay 796 TP. Hmmm. Too bad I’m saving my TP for the Eriador questpack bundle. I really want to stay focused on that. I.must.not.get.distracted!

AND, there’s a sample of the week!


Other sales are Universal Morale Potions, Universal Power potions, Rejuvenation potions and Regeneration food. Mind you, these things can also come in the Hobbit presents. In addition, if you’re a crafter,  you’d probably be able to make similar potions and such without TP. So…. craft or do some research in the Auction house before spending your TP on these things!


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2 comments on “Lotro Store sales: Questpacks!

  1. That is some TP grind target you have set 🙂

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